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What's New This Month?

Good afternoon!


I realize you may not have visited Best Of Boards website in a very long time. I also know that many people pop back in unexpectedly from time to time – and for that reason I’d hate for you to miss this announcement!


 As a courtesy – I’d like to let you know that the forums as you are used to seeing them – will very likely go offline for an indefinite period beginning Saturday, 1/13/2018. If that’s all you need to know or are interested in knowing – you can stop reading right here 😊 If you want to know more (the hows and whys), read on!


Do you realize this is the 20th year of the BoB community? As you may remember – for many years we’ve had a premium member program in place that provided for necessary revenue to maintain both the legacy website and the forum community with maintenance and software updates as needed. Over the past 5+ years, the dynamic of the community has changed along with our technological world – social media has grown to be the primary platform of communication for most groups that once were built as private entities. Fewer visits to the website and forums, meant a significant decline in the community-generated revenue that maintained the resources, to the point that it literally declined to no incoming revenue whatsoever.

For the past several years – that has not been a difficulty – I’ve allowed the site and forums to just continue on in whatever capacity the remaining community enjoyed using and absorbed the hosting costs myself and not worried about upgrading the forum software as long as it still functioned.


However, as technology advances every day, the need to upgrade the existing forum framework to a much more current platform can no longer be put off. Our vbulletin software itself had a cost of approximately $200+ annually, and we are currently about 5 years behind on normal upgrades. SO while the forum still “functions” to a degree, the fact that it is functioning on an older, less secure server architecture places other client websites on the same server in the situation of not being able to keep up with newer, more fully secure and featured site advances. Upgrading has to either happen or the forums themselves need to cease and go away.


Due to the changing dynamic of the community as well as the fact that direct sales companies themselves have branched out into social media and “community” type platforms over the years, there’s really not a true need for a fundraising plea since there are other methods of communication now available as a community that will continue to help you build your direct sales businesses. It makes more sense to look to other options – and that is why I’m contacting you today.


I will attempt a minimal software update this weekend on the BoB Forums – but realistically, I expect us to lose functionality and accessibility to the forums as currently know them. Because of that, I’ve setup a private Facebook group to allow for continued communication in an acceptably secure manner. This group is labeled as “secret” in order to not be searchable on the general Facebook feeds, but every member of BoB, past, present or future – is completely welcome in the group – you just need the direct link to request to become a member, or you may be added directly by another member. If we do lose the functionality of the forums, please know that the historical content will remain intact and protected until such time we can resurrect it into a new platform. In the meantime, the Best of Boards website will revert to a legacy, static website, and community engagement will happen via the private Facebook Group “Bob the Group”


For those of you familiar with Facebook groups – you probably already know that “secret” groups do not show up in the general newsfeed (in a search or any of the daily posts). You’ll see the posts only if YOU are a member. If you’re not a Facebook member already – it is completely free – and you do can absolutely control a significant portion of what you personally see in your newsfeed, and how you personally choose to use Facebook. The expansion of interest groups has in my opinion, been the best change in Facebook over the past few years.

If you’d like to join “BoB the Group” – here is the link. (* if the link does not work for you - please send me an email at and I will issue a direct invitation from within the group)

We’d love to have you log on and join us and say hello to many of the folks you’ve lost track of! There is a 20th Anniversary gathering planned for this summer in Chicago during the week of the Partylite National Convention (*as always, NOT an official part of the Partylite Convention). More information about the 20th Anniversary BoB Gathering will be posted on both the public BoB Facebook page and the private group over the next few months.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Belinda Johnson, Founder


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