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Need Some Great Homemade Gift Ideas? Browse Our BoB Make & Take Forum and Start Creating!

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Adult and Romance Products

 Romance and Adult Products

Romance and adult products have their very own private forum.  In order to keep the boards family friendly, you must join this group in order to view this forum.

To join, go to your Personal Control Panel (User CP).  In the control panel column on the left, scroll down and click on "Group Memberships."  Click on "Join Group" for Adult Companies.

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Premium Forums

Rose FlagBest of Boards Premium Forums

The extensive list of premium forums shows that we are truly a community. In addition to the resources on Best of Boards for direct sales businesses, people find information, advice and even respectful debates.

For those new to Best of Boards, please introduce yourself in the Welcome forum and enjoy your 2-week Premium trial.

Each month, a different premium forum is featured in which the whole community can participate. Premium membership gives you access to all premium forums all of the time.

Along with access to the extra forums, premium members are able to:

  • Use Invisible Mode
  • Post Pictures
  • Add a Signature
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  • Change User Titles
  • Track Private Messages
  • And MORE!
Why premium memberships? Best of Boards is a community built to support those in direct sales. The forums related to the basics of running a direct sales business remain free for everyone. We offer premium memberships with fantastic perks as a way to include forums of popular conversation and to support our ever-growing community. Premium memberships support BoB, and when BoB benefits, so do all of its members.
  • Monthly: $5.00
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BoB Book Club
clean sweep
Computer Technical Help
The Craft Bin
Ebay/Auction Sites
Fantasy Sports
Food For Thought
Free BoB'n
Funny Stuff
The Garden Patch
Inspiration & Motivation

Links We Love to Share
Media Mania
News & Current Events
The Paint Can
Parenting Topics
Personal Finance/Taxes
Photo Finish & Digital Design
Religion, Faith & Philosophical Beliefs
Stop Smoking Support
TMI Vault (Too Much Information!)
We Salute You
Weight Loss & Healthy Living

bathturkey cakeButterfly

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BoB Auction

 auction logo

Welcome to the BoB Auctions!

Sell some!  Buy some!  Have some FUN!!

BoB Auction Forums    BoB Auction Home

Click on a picture below to visit a particular store.




candejos creations

 Kimbers Krafts


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Premium Forums

Premium Forums- the fun side of BoB!

Fushia Apple Tree paint job  

Not only is BoB a great asset to consultants in all Direct Sales Companies,                   Maggie
but there is another side of BoB that some didn't even know existed!             
Become a premium member and you'll have access to a whole different            
world. Have you ever wanted to know if people are going through the same thing you are with your children, or your pets, or even your garden? Every month we feature one of these forums for all members. 

Take a look at our premium forums below and see if any of them suit your fancy.

All About Animals, BoB Book Club(June featured forum), BoB Family Album, Clean Sweep, Computer Technical Help, The Craft Bin, Ebay/Auction Site Discussions, Fantasy Sports, Food for Thought, Free BoB'n, Funny Stuff, The Garden Patch, Inspirational & Motivational, Links We Love to Share, Media Mania!, News and Current Events, The Paint Can, Parenting Topics, Personal/Finances and Taxes, Photo Finish and Digital Design, Recipes!, Religion/Faith-Based/Philosophical Beliefs, Stop Smoking Support, TMI Vault, and Weight Loss/Healthy Life.

Click here to access our premium forums.
Click here to find out how to become a premium member.

General Moderators are:

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Name:  Kim-2012.jpg  Views: 59  Size:  36.5 KBName:  Michelle-2012.jpg  Views: 59  Size:  34.8 KB

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Jewelry & Fashion

Jewelry & Fashion

From learning how to display your beautiful product to finding new and fun ways to do your shows, consultants of Jewelry and Fashion Companies come here for great tips and support on making their businesses prosper.

lia sophia necklaces lia sophia slides

Your BoB Jewelry and Fashion Companies are:

Butterfly Cookie Lee Jewels by Park Lane lia sophia 
Little Black DressLuxe Jewels Premier Designs silpada 

Click on the company name to visit their forum.

Jewelry Forums Moderators:


Can't find your company? For details on how your company can be listed on BoB, click here .

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Family & Children


Click Here to Connect, Socialize & Have Fun
in the Family & Children Forums
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To navigate to individual companies click on their name below.



General Moderators:


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Cooking, Food & Kitchen

Welcome to the Cooking, Food & Kitchen Companies of BoB!

Pampered Chef Tupperware

Gabby Goodies Homemade Gourmet Kat's Coffees
Pampered Chef Tastefully Simple Traveling Vineyard
Tupperware Two Sisters Gourmet Watkins wildtree

From easy to make dips to stones to bake on and the containers to store your food in, you'll find it with these companies listed above! Get great tips on how to make your business prosper here.

click on the company name to visit their forum.



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Bath, Body & Spa




Welcome to the Bath, Body & Spa Forums 

Take time for yourself with a little help from the companies represented.

To view all companies at a glance, click here or choose them individually from the list below.

      Warm Spirit



 yellow products

Can't find your company listed?  For details on how your company can obtain a forum on BoB, click here.

First time visitor to BoB and looking for help to find your way around?  Click Here




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Candles and Decorating

Candles & Decorating

Global Fusion Longaberger PartyLite Summer

Decorating your home with candles and accessories is all the rage.
Shopping from your home is the best way to get these items from knowledgeable consultants and top of the line companies. Consultants come here for support and to help their businesses prosper. See what's available to you in your company's forum.

At Home America  Gold Canyon CandlesHeartwarming Creations  Home Interiors Longaberger
PartyLite Scentsy Signature Homestyles
willow house navigation button 

Click on the company name to visit their forum.

Candle & Decorating Forum Moderators:

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Name:  bordered-jean.jpg  Views: 58  Size:  27.3 KB

Can't find your company? For details on how your company can be listed on BoB, click here .

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Beauty and Skin Care


Beauty and Skin Care

For consultants who enjoy what skin care and make-up can do, check into the company forums below for tips and ideas on making your business prosper!

Alouette Arbonne Avon BeautiControl Jafra Mary Kay Cosmetics

Click on the company name to visit their forum.

Avon product

Beauty & Skincare Forum Moderators are:


Can't find your company? For details on how your company can be listed on BoB, click here .


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