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Chocolate Quiz from the BoB message board


  • What is Superman's favorite candy? Clark Bar

  • What is the candy of lovers? Hershey Kisses

  • What is an overweight candy bar? Chunky

  • What is a candy for a hamburger lovers? Bun

  • What is a candy that makes working worthwhile? Payday

  • What is ET's favorite candy? Reese's pieces

  • What does a Consultant not want to be? Butterfingers

  • What is a sailor's candy? Lifesavers

  • What is a funny/silly candy bar? Snickers

  • What is a sportsman candy bar? Baby Ruth 

  • What is an alphabetical candy? M&M's

  • What is Dustin Hoffman's favorite candy? Tootsie roll

  • What is a mathematical candy? 5th Avenue or  Musketeers

  • What is a candy that grows in fields? Candy corn or Cotton Candy

  • What is a religious candy? Divinity

  • What is a planetary candy bar? Milky way, Mars

  • What is a poetical candy bar? Oh Henry

  • What is Jimmy Carter's favorite candy? Peanut Butter Cup

  • What is a baseball pitcher's favorite candy bar? Mounds

  • What is a happy candy? Almond Joy

  • What is a candy for a family pet? Kit Kat

  • What is Charlie Brown's favorite candy? Peppermint Patty

  • What is a calm person's favorite candy? Mellow Cup

  • What is George Washington's favorite candy? Chocolate Covered Cherries

    If you don't want to use tickets use chocolate kisses or miniature candy bars for the winners.

Booking Incentive: Jo

Put booking incentives on the bottoms of miniature candybars--scatter them around your table--if they book a show, they get one plus they get the incentive on the bottom when their show holds!!