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I never believed in New Year's Resolutions. I always felt that "Resolutions" were just a way to set yourself up for failure. Every year, my resolution was the same, "This year, I resolve not to make any resolutions. I also resolve not to accomplish any resolutions." What an oxymoron! Every year was the same, and every year, I had accomplished mostly nothing. I lived my life day by day, never looking toward the future and never trying anything BIG.

A quote I heard at Conference 2000 summed up my life in a nutshell: "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've already got." I obtained this attitude in school. When I attended regular classes with the regular kids, I was never called on. I specifically remember one teacher saying, "Put your hand down, Jennifer. We know YOU know the answer... let's give someone else a chance!" Then, when all the other kids had been called on and had been wrong, finally the teacher said, "Ok, Jennifer. Tell us the answer." And, lo and behold, I was always right. I was never encouraged to excel in these classes, because it would embarrass the other kids. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I was kicked out of Gifted classes? I was kicked out for being TOO independent! My mouth always got me into trouble. I had my own opinion about everything, and the teachers didn't like this. I was expected to excel, but with conformance! [Anyone else ever hear this? I hear it now from my 8-year-old's teachers and counselors!]

I didn't have a comfort zone when I was a Freshman in High School... in fact, I had blue hair! (Those of you that met me at Conference... can you picture it???) But, after being told so many times to calm DOWN, settle DOWN, put my hand DOWN, slow DOWN... are you beginning to notice a pattern?... I had settled, slowed, and calmed into acceptance and conformance.

When I hooked up with this company to sell candles, it was the darndest thing... they WANTED me to excel! They WANTED me to try! They WANTED me to know the answers and to give them to everyone that didn't! This was very bizarre to me. In January, 2000, my resolution was much the same, "This year, I resolve not to make any resolutions. I also resolve not to accomplish any resolutions. But I will TRY to become a leader." Have any of you TRIED to become a leader? It doesn't work quite so well. I even tell my son, "Don't TRY to do it, DO IT!" And then I TRY to become a leader.

In 2001, my resolution is exactly the same as previous years..., "This year, I resolve not to make any resolutions. I also resolve not to accomplish any resolutions." But, in 2001, I will set GOALS. These are different from Resolutions... they do not set you up for failure. A goal is a dream, usually (but not always) with a date, and a resolution is a promise. A date can be changed, and so can a dream. But a promise is set in stone. A goal allows you to grow and develop and adjust or change your dreams. A goal allows you to reach beyond that dream and accomplish more. A goal always grows into something bigger. But a promise is set in stone. "I resolve to lose 10 lbs." If you lose 10 lbs., you are done. "My goal is to become a leader." With that goal, you have gained friendships, more money, more responsibility, and MORE DREAMS. But, even if you don't reach that goal when you expected, but still work toward it, you gain the same exact things... friendships, more money, more responsibility, and MORE DREAMS. Adjust the date, and keep working on your goal(s).

I recently attended a Regional in which the following statistics were given to us:

3% of the population sets goals
5% of those 3% write their goals down
80% of those 5% ACHIEVE their goals

What are your goals for 2001? WRITE THEM DOWN!!! The December Reflections has a section on Dream Boards. If you are uncomfortable writing your goals in sentences, make a Dream Board with pictures. Keep that board or list in plain sight where you can see it everyday. And every day you need to make a new list of what you are going to do THAT DAY to reach those goals. This list can include your 2+2 list. Share your goals with a friend or family member, and ask them to HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE for your goals! Give them a copy, and ask them to look at it every day. Then ask them to remind you of it every day. "Honey/mom/best friend, what are you going to do today to accomplish your goals?" And be ready to answer them at any time.

Now, did I do this in 2000? No. I was going to TRY to be a leader by March... then April... then May... then November... I finally promoted to Team Leader in December! I have had the opportunity to attend an AWESOME Conference, some AWESOME Regional Meetings, and some AWESOME VIP meetings, where I have pinpointed my weaknesses. The word TRY was one of those weaknesses.

So, what are my GOALS for 2001? Here are some... and PLEASE HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! If you want, you are WELCOME to email me every day to ask me what I plan to do that day to achieve my goals!

Unit Leader by 2/1
RVP by age 35

I will accomplish this by:

Sponsor 2 a month
Make regular 2+2 calls
Offer the Opportunity to everyone
Great Customer Service
Hold business-building sessions with my sponsors
Learn at least one new thing per day (that can help build my business)
Write my goals down
ADMIT to myself I CAN'T DO IT ALL! (ie, wife, mom, chauffeur, PTO Boardmember, Head Homeroom Mom, candle consultant, dogwalker, chef, housekeeper... need I say more?)

Jennifer Nunley, TL, Springfield, Mo
Galaxy of Stars, Future leader of "Ever After" unit

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