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Credit goes to another leader within my region named Darla. She and her husband came up with this when trying to simplify the opportunity. She sponsored four cons. in January after using this. The $85 could be replaced to add an additional $100 for the offer running in February. I believe the $85 comes from Brite Start earnings in free product.
Hope this can help everyone out, Sixfigure

Note: Edits have been made to the original text by the webmaster to make it more technically accurate.

The [PL] 24 Hour Commitment

Here is what happens when I commit myself to giving PL a try:

I will hold 6 Candle shows during my first 14 days of business, with my leader's help if I need it. Each Candle show takes an average of 4 hours in work, including drive-time, paperwork etc. That means that I will be working about 24 hours doing [PL] during these 14 days.

During this time I can earn a FREE starter kit worth $300 of product, candles, and the paperwork required to hold my shows. I will also earn an extra ___________ in free product to add to my kit or for use in my own home. In addition I will make an average $600-$800 (which is $25 per hour) and can earn an ADDITIONAL $85.00 or more in FREE [PL] product. I will be provided free training during this time and my leader will be there to help me every step of the way.

After working these 24 hours if I decide that I no longer want to continue doing [PL] I will keep my free starter kit, the additional free product I earned and the profits earned. My leader will take over my bookings for me and will continue to be my consultant when I want to hold a show.

So why would I not want to give [PL] a try? Beats me! I have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

"Give Life Something Unexpected, Something Extra. The Payback Will Greatly Surprise You!"

This page last updated  July 06, 2005