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shariJOnline Training Chat #2:
Hostess Coaching, Mutiple Bookings & 2+2
3/3/02 compiled by Cheryl Johnson
Training Led by Lissa
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I’d like to send Lissa a very special thank you for providing us with the following training! Without the help of leaders and seasoned consultants stepping up to conduct these trainings, we wouldn’t be able to hold them! Lissa, your training was incredible and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

To everyone who was at the meeting, thank you for your input and your time spent at the training! If you didn’t come…why would we hold the trainings!?! I know I had a great time and hope that everyone else did also! ShariJ

Hostess Coaching, Multiple Bookings & 2+2 Calls

EFFECTIVE HOSTESS COACHING – OUTLINE (actual outline is in regular font and Q&A from chat is in italics with an *)

Stay In Touch With Your Hostess! (*Hostess Coaching information provided by a UL that started with a $300/show average and turned it around to a $500/show average) *The most important thing is to stay in touch with your hostess. If you don’t, her excite excitement level will drop as will her sales.

You Will See:

· Increased attendance
· Increased show sales
· Multiple bookings

Your Hostess Needs To Know The Hostess Program!

· You challenge her to reach her goals
· You don't book the show and forget about her


1. Review entire contents of hostess packet with hostess at the time of booking. Ask if she's ever thought about doing anything like this before. This will determine if this will be her starter show. *If you’re having trouble getting your new hostesses to stay and go through the packet, then go through it with them when you receive their order. This process should only take a few extra minutes. Always ask your future hostess if they’ve ever considered something like this (i.e. becoming a consultant.) Never forget to offer the opportunity to everyone!

2. Suggest they invite everyone personally and to over-invite. Inform them your cards are just a reminder - not an invitation.

3. Follow up with "thank you for booking" postcard sent within first few days of booking (preferably, the following day). Use stickers of stamp or write on post card "Looking for your guest list."

4. Once you receive the list, call and thank her. If there aren't many names, suggest who else she might invite, using FRANK. *Help her increase her guest list by using FRANK and you’ll notice an increase in attendance + sales.

5. 12-5-1 - can be very effective for increasing attendance and show sales.

a. 12 guests: hostess receives 12 assorted tealights (6 metal, 6 clear)
b. 5 outside orders - have at least 5 prior to show. Hostess receives a votive for each one. Must have 5 to qualify.
c. 1 booking prior to show - hostess receives 2 dinner candles. Encourage hostess to obtain at least one booking prior to holding the show. This will ensure her to receive the absolute most hostess credit (25% or whatever is being offered that month). All other bookings received at show will only increase her hostess credit for additional free product or booking gifts once all shows are held and qualify ($200 each). This creates additional bookings for your calendar!
d. Optional: if she achieves all 3, you might want to give the hostess something extra (perhaps from the booster) as an extra thank you.

6. Candle pool: (see sample on Tealited site). Sell the squares prior to the show for $2 each. Sell all 50, and that's an extra $100 order to add to the show. Draw a number, and that person will win the $100 GC. Winner pays shipping and tax. Encourage hostess to fill up multiple sheets, as this will increase the show total. This can also be offered at shows after all orders have been taken (this way, it doesn't impact the show sales).

7. Mail out reminder cards 10 days prior to show. Send one to the hostess as well, so she knows when they were mailed. Sometimes add a sticker/stamp that says "bring a friend get a gift (usually a tealight – *both non invited guest and invitee may receive tealight). *Another idea is to take that sticker or stamp and put it on just a few of the invitations. Tell the hostess that if she finds out who has the stamp on their card and they’re in attendance at the show, she will receive an extra gift from you. One person also used the Hostess Treasure Hunt for her hostess to have 12 people in attendance. An item was personal bonused as the “treasure.” The Hostess Treasure Hunt is a long list of “descriptives” (doctor, dentist, teacher, etc.) for her to find guests. She can not use the same name twice. An example of this idea is listed on Tealited’s web site.

8. The week of the show, mail the hostess a friendly reminder card to call all her guests to ensure maximum attendance, with a reminder for any challenges and the candle pool.

9. Call 1-2 days prior to the show to touch base and find out how many guests she is expecting. Verify directions, and get progress reports on hostess challenge and candle pool, so that you know how many gifts to bring. Find out if you need to bring a table. *Remember not to overwhelm your hostess or to “give away the farm.” Make it simple for her to earn her products for free, but also make it FUN!!

Contents of Hostess Packet:

· Hostess brochure - review and encourage them to complete wish list
· Have it all brochure
· Monthly specials
· Candle pool (see item 7 above)
· Hostess challenge (such as 12-5-1) (see item 6 above)
· Address list with SASE for mailing
· Set of books
· Order forms (at least 5)


1. Starts with hostess coaching (see above!). *Try and have one prearranged booking before the show date.

2. Ask for guest list within 5 days. You can say "When I get your guest list, then that will confirm your date. I will send the reminder cards."

3. Help the hostess know what to say to get bookings (i.e. "how would you feel about booking a show") * If she gets multiple bookings prior to show - you have a potential new consultant on your hands! *Some verbiage you could use would be to ask them if they would CONSIDER having a show…not if they would like to have a show.

4. Carry booking gifts - find out which one(s) she likes *and take that one with you.

5. Show the hostess how to use the hostess brochure to get bookings.

6. Call a few days prior to show, and ask "who will be most likely to book?" This is someone you could contact before the show and get your hostess started on her way to her “dream booking gift!”

7. Remind hostess that an outside booking is as good as a $100 order. *Each additional booking is worth $25. So, an outside order would have to be $100 in order for the hostess to get the same credit.

8. Coordinate your display with fabric.

9. Demonstrate multiple uses for a piece - build desire. *When you can build desire, you build bookings. Why pay if they could get it for free!! Plus if people see multiple uses for a product, they’re more apt to purchase it.

10. Use some (or all) of the verbiage listed below:

· "Shopping spree"
· "A lot of my hostesses choose this as their free or half price item"
· "Do you prefer classic elegance or casual contemporary?" (helps to determine which booking gifts to show off)
· Emphasize the 60 day booking timeframe
· On the DPS: question 2: instead of "favorite item", ask "favorite booking gift"
· On the DPS: question 3: offer cheap gift for setting a date tonight (such as a telight sampler) - this gives them instant gratification
· One the DPS: question 4: Referrals: These are a compliment. If you put 4-5 names, go back to number 3 and put a yes and invite them to your show, because PL will give you more than I will"

10. Create a candle boutique in your own home. Make the products come alive!

11. Let guests share candle tips

12. Use Reflection covers to show versatility

13. Offer theme shows, including visuals

14. After the show:

a. Don't look at the DPS. Ask everyone in person for a show "when would be a good time for a show?"
b. Ask if they were able to get everything they wanted
c. Thank you note to hostess sharing their savings
d. Sales: close at party. Bookings can continue beyond closing
e. Rebook your hostess
f. Find 2-3 people to call from each show (CS call and WHEN to book a show)

*Multiple Booking Idea: Take one item and wrap it up real pretty. Put a big number 3 on it. Periodically reference it throughout your show. When you get to the part in your demo regarding hostessing, then “let the cat out of the bag”. For all those people that book and date a show that night, they will be in a drawing to receive the item you have displayed and wrapped with the #3. The only catch is that you have to have a minimum of 3 bookings for the drawing to take place. Whoever wins the booking gift will receive their present when their show holds, but they may open it up that night.

*Instead of Book to Look envelopes, use your tealight lollipops! Put the lollys in a flower pot or PL piece where they can’t see what’s written on the “stem”. On the stem write what you’re offering as a booking incentive (doz. Free votives, doz. Free tealights, etc.) When they book and date their show that night they’ll get to take home the lolly and the incentive is theirs when their show holds. You can also use the same idea for the votive roses and attach a folded over (folded over so they can’t see what’s written on it) card that is tied to the roses with the booking incentive written on the card.

How do you know when to stop trying to book someone when they’re “on the fence?” How about asking them what is holding them back from booking a show. Verbiage: “What would it take for you to book a show?” Once you know what is stopping them from giving you a firm date, you will know what it is you need to work with them on to create that booking. Or simply say, “Let’s set a tentative date and I’ll and get in touch with you tomorrow to double confirm the date.”


1. Learn to love the phone! If you have 21 up, you will hold 10-12 shows per month.

2. Benefits of 2+2:

a. Meet more people
b. Book more shows
c. Consistency
d. If they're not nice, remember "NEXT"

Preparing for Calls – Information taken from training with Marlene Moses, Inseparable Region

1. Calendar - schedule 2+2 calls just like a show.
2. Script
- know what you're going to say and practice it!
3. Set a goal
- what do you want from calls?

4. Smile
5. Motivate yourself

6. Understand the ratios:
when you start doing 2+2 calls, the ratio is that for 100 calls will get you 1 yes. As you're more consistent with calling, that ratio drops to for every 5 calls you make, you'll get 1-2 yeses.
7. If you have problems
with your scripts, work with your upline to fix any problem areas

Other 2+2 Helpful Hints

1. Put all DPS in a tickler file and index them.
2. Cold calls
- if you do them, when you call, as for the candle burner in the house.
Always ask for referrals.
4. Answering machines:
"Call me before I call you and I'll give you a free gift." *If you get a message that says “if you are a solicitor, then hang up now”, don’t worry. If someone has given you permission to call them from information on the DPS, then leave a message.
- that's your credibility. *Good customer service is essential!

6. Be flexible

7. Relate new products
to what they liked on their order form and/or DPS - offer to send a new catalog (or drop one off in person)
8. Buddy up
to make calls - the motivation is awesome!
9. Do a booking blitz
, either at a unit meeting, or with fellow teammates

10. Utilize email
11. Assume everyone loves candles !

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