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The Basics.

There are a few key reasons why you chose or are choosing to become a direct sales consultant.

  1. Extra $$ income

  2. Be your own boss

  3. A fun hobby for your spare time

  4. Top quality products

The following are more specific reasons people choose to become involved with the direct sales company I am part of as an Independent Candle Consultant.

  1. 25+ years in the industry

  2. #1 in the Direct Selling Association 7 years as of 1999

  3. Part of a Multi-million$$ parent company, Blythe Industries, a public corporation on the NY Stock Exchange

  4. We sell a consumable product!

The Programs

  1. Exceptional Hostess Program!

  2. Exceptional Consultant Program: No inventory! No territories! No delivery!

  3. No Start-up Costs!

  4. Incredible Trips!

  5. National Recognition in Magazines

The Product

  1. The Manufacturer - since 1909

  2. New product offerings three times per year

  3. 100% 60 day guarantee

  4. Appeals to everyone

  5. Affordable

  6. And most importantly...remember...it's consumable!

The Income Opportunity

Your income opportunity is unlimited...even $1,000,000 per year is possible! It happened for the first time in 1998!



A $300 Show

A $300 Kit!

A $400 Show

A $300 Kit + $100 in product!

6 Shows in 2 weeks

$600 Cash (Average)

3 Shows per week

$1,152 per month (average)

2 Friends Try

2% of What Team sells

4 More Try

7% of what Team sells (average $16,841 per year)

2 People want to do what you've done

Average Income $32,601 (Group Leader)

6 More want their own teams

One of our top levels (Regional Vice President) Average Income $90,386

How would your life be different if you earned $90,000 per year??

The Paycheck of the Heart

Sure, the money's nice, but the real reason most consultants succeed in our company is that they are receiving a paycheck of the heart each and every day when they share the opportunity with someone else and watch their lives change right before their eyes.

Self confidence, maturity, leadership, personal growth. Most people say "I could never do what you do", only because they have never tried! You can do as much or as little as YOU choose to do with your direct sales business! AND you can spend time with your family instead of with your desk if that is what you choose to do!

Check the Consultant Directory to find a Consultant near you, or call the Consultant who did your last party to find out how YOU can get started too!

Something I have printed on the backs of my business cards:
I wish I could give credit to the right person who contributed this,
but the original post has somehow escaped me!

This packet contains life-changing information
I will share it with you without hesitation
Because within the papers and facts you will see
What Candles can do for you and have done for me!
If you love candles and I'm sure you do
Our products sell themselves with a small demo from you
If you are interested in being a host or becoming a consultant,
Just give me a call to start with no investment!
(Phone number)

This page last updated July 06, 2005