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All About Home Shows
We're your source for new and exciting door prizes, downline awards, jewelry, gift packaging, table accessories, and lots more!  Check out our website often, as we are always adding new products and
specials. If there is something special you are looking for, let us know, we're here for you!
www.allabouthomeshows.com  Email: customerservice@allabouthomeshows.com
Phone: 1-806-652-8851

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The Bag Lady 
Shirley developed a very popular line of packing aids designed to make that chore of setup & take-down of your demonstration table a breeze in a very classy way! Pricing & details available on the web page, samples available upon request.

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The Booster 
The Booster
, (also known as the “Jenny B Catalog) has hundreds of products designed for you in the “Party Plan/Direct Sales” industry. We have Stickers, Postcards, Notepads, Buttons and more! Over 1,200 items to choose from for your Direct Sales Business and more to help you in every “Key Area” of your business such as booking, hostess coaching, increasing attendance and sales, customer service, recruiting, motivation and more! We want to help you take the steps to success with our “10 Steps to Successful Parties” system. We have helped over 90,000 customers and we are celebrating our 19th Birthday so visit us at www.thebooster.com where you can shop on-line or call us at 1-800-5-Jenny B (1-800-553-6692)!

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Business Enhancements, Inc
Providing Direct Sales consultant’s tools designed to help them be successful.
Let us help you book more parties, get more guests, increase sales, recruit more consultants while saving time and money. Our products for candle consultants include Hostess Information Packets, Two Part Guest List Forms, Customer Information Cards, Postcards, Gift Certificates/Booking Coupons and more. Discover why thousands of consultants representing over 30 DSA member organizations in Candles, Bath and Body, Beauty, Gourmet Foods, Home Décor, Jewelry and Scrap Booking already use our products.
See our entire line of products designed for your business at www.businessenhancements.com 
e-mail us at contactus@businessenhancements.com or call 888-558-8987 (M-F 8am-5pm cst)

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Consultant Corner 
Consultant Corner Is home of Lianne's Scent Samplers and EZ Scents.  We have a large assortment of products catering to all Direct Sales Professionals from Candle Consultants to Bunny Reps. Booking and hostess gifts from relax with wax packs to votive rose kits are at your fingertips. Office Supplies, Business Essentials and Kits & Supplies as well!   We offer monthly specials and seasonal products. Consultant Corner is your one stop shop for all of your business needs. Visit us at www.consultantcorner.biz  or call us at (309)797-9911  sales@consultantcorner.biz

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Consultant Creations 
Owned and operated by Sherry Vargo.  Consultant Creations offers Wish Bags and more!  They also offer other products for Hostess Gifts, along with Advertising and Promotional items,  Business Cards, Candle Club Cards, Bookmarks, Bumper Stickers and more! Visit the website today at www.consultantcreations.com  Contact Consultant Creations at: sherry@consultantcreations.com 

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Custom Services 
You'll get "hooked" on this AWESOME new setup aid to display your hanging pieces at shows!  Constructed of heavy gauge steel and painted flat black, THE HOOK enables you to display your hanging accessories such as lanterns amidst the rest of your table display.  It separates into two slim pieces to pack easily within your suitcase - nothing extra to carry.  Accepting checks and money orders by mail.  Visa & MasterCard accepted using PayPal.  Email Jennifer

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Ellie-Jo's Scent Stacks
Under New Ownership! Kimberley Clavin of Kimberley's Korner has acquired Ellie-Jo's Scent Stacks as of November 2005 and is happy to offer the same high quality original product you have always enjoyed from Ellie-Jo's in the past.
Your customers can simply unscrew the container to smell their favorite scent.  No fumbling with difficult to open containers which is nice for your older guests.  Carry your Scent Stacks with you wherever you go and increase your sales with this customer convenience!

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Express Yourself 
Promote your business and make it FUN with awesome products from Express Yourself!  We offer stickers, postcards, rubber stamps, visual aids, and many specialty items to help you promote your business.  Our product line is beneficial for Consultants of all Direct Sales Companies!  EY is owned by Don and Donna Ellis - Donna has been a Candle Lady since 1992 so she loves to create new products specifically for Candle Consultants!  We are introducing new products all of the time and each month we have a Special or a featured product.  Visit our website regularly to check out "What's New?" While you are at our website be sure to request one of our FREE catalogs.

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Glitz Recognition & Promotion
NEW SITE! Glitz Recognition and Promotion offers new price structuring not seen anywhere in the industry, along with some of the best shipping rates! We took your survey responses to heart and restructured many items featured on our new and improved site.
We carry over 2000 line items to recognize and award your high achievers and unit members! From fashion jewelry, charms, charm holders, motivational pieces to professional accessories we can help you grow your unit. Want to brand your unit or company name? Glitz Recognition and Promotion offers a wide range of custom jewelry, imprinted merchandise and apparel services so visit us at www.glitzetal.com and see why we make a difference! Glitz, et al, Ltd., 1702 Canal Drive, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, Phone: (800) 487-0732. Fax: (877) 565-2026

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Jim Britton's Displays 
Jim Britton created these 3-Step Cardboard Displayers to use in your displays. Extremely sturdy - easy to carry - easy to fold up - there are lots more pictures on his new webpage showing a full PL display, as well as individual pictures of all the designs & sizes of cello bags he carries. Very reasonably priced - but you can save even more by ordering in quantity with your unit. 

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Laura's Fragrance Stacks
Laura's Fragrance Stacks are
SMALL, GUARANTEED NOT TO BREAK (from over tightening), AFFORDABLE, and FRAGRANT. Here's what Consultants are saying: "I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your fragrance stacks. I used them at my show this past Saturday and sold twice the candles as usual! My investment certainly paid off." -Kristy Gallegos
Go to my web site now for a FREE SAMPLE! www.fragrancestacks.com

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Marked Improvement 
Achieve a Marked Improvement! Exclusive products and designs that you won't find anywhere else. Our beautiful, original, and professional products are field-tested and proven to increase your sales and sponsorship levels. Pre-assembled hostess kits, guest folders, sponsor packets and business essentials like business cards, clever and colorful post cards, stickers, designer paper and note pads and more. Highest quality, surprisingly affordable, and time-saving. Order Now! And start improving your path to financial success.  Visit us at www.markedimprovement.net

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My Girlfriends House
Thank you for visiting our site.
We will be updating our site on a regular basis, please check back often to see our latest and greatest products and specials!!  Please feel free to call and request our catalog which has our items that are NOT on this site. Our toll free # is 1-877-675-5519, or email us to request a catalog:  mghdist@inreach.com   Check Out our Jewelry and Literature bags custom made for candle lovers.  www.mygirlfriendshouse.com

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Paron Get Organized Business Aids
1019 Commerce Parkway - Grafton, Ohio 44044
Phone: 800-245-0646        Fax: 440-926-1718     Email: getorganized1@verizon.net
21 years in business - Developing new ideas and products to meet the ever-expanding Direct Sales Force of independent sales people and corporations alike.  Free catalog by request on the website:   www.getorganizedco.com

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Roteck Custom Labels 
Not only are there pre-designed labels for you to choose from, we also allow you to design your own. The labels are all based on laminated paper stock with permanent adhesive backing - and are available in all the standard sizes and shapes - return address, address, circle, star, more! Whatever your purpose is--address labels, stickers to encourage students or employees, labels for products or mailings--we have the product for you at great prices!

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Formerly known as Karie's Kandle Roses.  Offering the beautiful Candle Roses we have all grown to love - handmade just for you!  Makes great hostess gifts, door prizes, welcoming new team members, game prizes and more!  They also make wonderful gifts when you want to say thank-you, I love you, you're special or whatever sentiment you wish to convey. Shades-of-Color is brought to you by Brenda. Order online at www.shades-of-color.com or call Brenda at

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AOL Message BoardAOL Message Board
Keyword: MLM, Direct Sales, PartyLite
You can only get to this message board if you are an AOL subscriber. It's an incredible resource for sharing ideas, although everyone visiting it needs to realize that we are ALL individuals, and therefore topics often become somewhat opinionated! Negativity is of course, discouraged, but as with all aspects of life, it happens! Deal with it and move on!

BoB for BunniesBoB for Bunnies
Bath and Body Reps
gather here to discuss all the latest bunny info!  Gallery of pics, files to download and more!  BoB for Bunnies is owned by Belinda Johnson.

TealitedTealited Tidbits
Jackie Whiteker
, an Independent Candle Consultant, developed this site as a place for all candle consultants to share ideas to boost their business.  Home of the original Illustrated P.A.D. (Product A Day), which was created by Steve Tucky, this site has pages of digital pics for many of the products in the catalogs.  Hostess Special flyers, which print out 2 to a page are also available on this website.  The P.A.D. is now being displayed on the BoB Message Board:  www.bobforum.com

This group consists of candle consultants who enjoy sharing ideas, supporting one another, offering motivation, and getting to know one another on a more individual and personal basis. This list will be un-censored and un-moderated, so you are free to respectfully express your opinions, but please DO NOT SPOIL SURPRISES THAT OTHER CONSULTANTS DON'T YET KNOW ABOUT! Try to wait until everyone has received their monthly mailers and been to their meetings before discussing contests and promotions. And, of course, no foul language. And NO SPAM!  Founded July 28, 2000. 311 members as of Feb. 2001
Post message: candlebuddies@yahoogroups.com
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List owner: candlebuddies-owner@yahoogroups.com
URL to this page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/candlebuddies

To help consultants in home based business
that sell candles by offering tips and helpful info that will help build a strong business as well as to make new friends. All people in the business are welcomed to join our cyber unit family! A place for kind people! Founded July 1, 1998.  412 members as of Feb. 2001
Post message: candlecyberunit@yahoogroups.com
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Are you a Candle Consultant and a Leader or Above?   If so, then this list is for you!   This is the best place online for Leaders to communicate with other Candle Consultant Leaders.   We will share ideas related to leadership and ideas to help your personal business grow. This list is for "Leaders Only". Founded Oct. 7, 1998.  222 members as of Feb. 2001
For more information: http://www.geocities.com/Teddi_1985/
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This list was created after the original candleparty list was shut down without warning. This list is for candle consultants in the Direct Selling Business... to share ideas, answer questions, get motivation and support, all to help your business grow! Please be positive and no spamming or flaming on this list. PLEASE DO NOT POST "SURPRISES" LEARNED AT YOUR REGIONAL MEETING. Sometimes others have not found out the surprise yet and this ruins it for them!  Archives are only available to subscribers. Founded Feb 16, 1999. 644 members as of Feb. 2001.  
For more information: http://www.geocities.com/Teddi_1985/
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