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Actual Costs Incurred

In an effort to be accountable to each of you who have contributed to the Domain Name Fund/ACS Contribution, I will publish the actual costs incurred in the setup & maintenance of bestofboards.com.

INTERNIC Registration    $70.00     1/25/99
2 years paid in advance

Geoplus Membership        $120.00     deducted $5.00 monthly
(2 years planned at this time, however I am comparing costs & reliability factors that may result in moving the site to an independent space provider, only if there would be a significant improvement in accessibility both from viewing & programming standpoints.)

Virtual URL "rent"           $120.00     deducted $5.00 monthly
(this was an unexpected cost that I discovered halfway through the registration process...I was under the assumption that the geoplus fee was inclusive of this cost, but that may not be correct. It may be payable and required to a third party (NameSecure) just to HAVE the registered domain name "housed" at geocities. If I find this is the case, there are other options that may or may not be cheaper. Other deciding factors will be continued ease of 24-hour editing of the pages, regardless of the server location. Stay tuned!)

FrontPage Software         $70.00 (upgraded to FP2000 June 1999)
After careful consideration, I decided this was definitely a justifiable expense. I personally purchased the "full" copy (not the upgrade) of FrontPage 98 in December of 98, due to the increasing size and administration of this website. To put it in basic terms - Best of the Boards has grown from a simple 5-page website in May of 1998, to its present size of nearly 400 pages in a year! As it continues to grow, I need the administration capabilities of a full web editing program, since I have to be able to maintain it in my "spare" time. There are many editing features in FP2000 that made the upgrade a very desirable (if not absolutely necessary) expense.

This page last updated  July 06, 2005