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Some things in life are so rare that they captivate us and bring out our simple side and all its beauty!

For many years I have loved to watch squirrels frolic in the trees as they gather up there food and store it for the winter.  I'm one of those "nuts" that you see feeding them peanuts in the park on warm sunny days.  I love to watch there long flexible bushy tails flicker like a candle in the breeze.  It is so relaxing for me.   I tend to put all the worries of the world aside as I watch the squirrels at work and at play. 

Some people hate squirrels as they are a rodent and do all the things any good rodent would do like dig holes in a well kept lawn.  These people judge the squirrels by what they do alone and forget to look at there natural beauty.  What a squirrel does can sometimes bring out anger in a person, yet its beauty can only bring out our simple side that is soft, loving and kind.

For most of my 40 years I have loved squirrels.  This past October I was waiting for my roommate to leave a meeting and what I saw captivated me!  I saw an albino squirrel for the first time in my life.  It was pure white and stunning.   I sat in awe of this rare beauty as I watched it for hours.  For the next few days I took everyone I knew to see this wonderful miracle from God that blessed me so.   Many friends were thinking " You want me to go see a squirrel?" and went for my benefit.  As we found this wonderful rare sight, I could see a warm glow come over there faces.  They too were captivated by it and became a softer person overflowing with kindness.  It was like magic.  I keep hoping that it will have babies and one of them will have the same magic and be so rare.  Only time will tell.

This past week, I found an "Albino squirrel" so to speak in [company]!   One so rare that I was totally captivated by her.  Her presence at a weekend retreat worked magic on everyone there.  Her person radiates kindness, joy and love.   Whether or not you wanted to, you were drawn in to her by her love and positive attitude.  I felt so much joy just being in a room with her that I wished that the weekend would never end.  Just being herself was enough to kill off all the negative thought anyone might have had at the start.

Who is this Albino Squirrel?  It's SRVP Leigh Kirk of the $ELLABRATION REGION!  WOW!  She is a rare gift of joy.  I saw her at conference last year and was not at all impressed, mostly due to my ill health.  Her talk was filled with so much emotion that I felt drained when it was over.  When I was told that she was going to be at the weekend I thought, "that's nice" not knowing just how blessed I would be.

I thought that I knew SRVP Beth Vesco-Smith at her best till I saw her at the weekend for the first time with Leigh!  SRVP Leigh Kirk pulls out every last bit of love and beauty that Beth has and showers it on everyone around.  Many people will never see the love these two friends have for one another in there lifetime.  I knew that I was seeing the maxim amount of pure love that friends can handle in these two rare leaders.   As much as I already loved and respected them, I find that I love them even more today!  They are among the best of the best. Together with SRVP Melody Morrissey of FLIGHT TO GLORY ( A very special ANGEL) we were treated to training with the focus on the heart of [company], a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!  SRVP Melody Morrissey is blessed with a gentle soft spirit that leaves you inspired, yet full of warm fuzzys.  I just wanted to run up on stage and give her a big hug and tell her I loved her, but I feared people would think that I'm in the $ELLABRATION REGION under Leigh!!!  LOL

Where else in the business world can you get your training with so much love attached?   Where else do people tell you everything they did to help you out in YOUR BUSINESS?   [company] is the best!

I know that many of you are thinking, " WOW! I wish I had a leader like these 3 SRVP!"  Well YOU DO!!!!!

I never said that Beth, Melody or Leigh are perfect people!  They will be the first to tell you that.  What I'm saying is that these rare leaders are much like my rare albino squirrel.  As I said before, "people judge the squirrels by what they do alone and forget to look at there natural inner beauty."  Leaders are just humans and must do what all good leaders do! They are busy people with a family on the side.  Forget about the titles we have placed on them and you will be blessed by the natural inner beauty that they bring into our lives.

This year when you go to national conference, take some time to enjoy our outstanding leaders.  Make it a point to tell them how much you love them as a person and a leader.  Love is a good thing that kills off all that is negative in the past and gives birth to a beautiful future for us all in [company].  Love will heal all wounds and draw people to you as you watch your business grow. 

I have lived among the STAR GAZERS for some time now and met many of the people in the $ELLABRATION REGION this past weekend.  I see that our rare albino squirrels in [company] have in fact had babies just like them.  The love and support coming out of these regions make [company] a wonderful place to be.  Together with your leaders, you have refreshed my love for [company] and renewed my strength to become a rare leader one day!  Thank You all for training that I will always cherish!

As you are out and about this summer, look for the squirrels.  You will see many plain ordinary ones all over the place.  Try to find a rare albino one and see for yourself just how wonderful it makes you feel.  I know you just might see a few in Washington this year if you look!

I love you all, Hank

This page last updated July 06, 2005