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Khaki uniforms

Khaki? Many women can think of a color that they would rather wear on opening night of National conference. The Keepers of the Light region will be marching in dressed in a Khaki uniform worn with PRIDE!

The American Cancer Society was started in 1913 under the name, American Society for the Control of Cancer. The founders worked hard to educate people by writing articles offering cancer information to the public. In the 1930's, a lady named Marjorie Illig started a volunteer group of women to wage war on cancer. These kind women started " The Women's Field Army" to go out and raise money and educate people about cancer. The Khaki uniforms that they wore had army like patches on them showing any achievements as well as rank. These amazing women placed the society in the lead of all the voluntary health organizations in its day.

Today in [company], you amazing ladies are once again making a huge statement as you follow in the footsteps of the Women's Field Army! You have been out in the public raising money and educating people about cancer in your [company] business. We are close to making our goal for this year, in fact, we are so close that the challenge is gone for many people.

What do you think would happen this year in Washington if we make an all out effort from now till July 1 raising money? Would we blow Dianne Baldridge off the stage if we can go into overdrive and hit the goal by 150% this year? You know that we can! Why not? Women in the 1930's made an unforgettable impact in there day, and we can in ours as well!

At STAR GAZERS regional meetings we have done raffles, sold candy and even had a kissing both all to raise money. What more can we give? What about offering the opportunity for a $1 donation from each guest at all your parties? Just think what we can do. It would be so easy for them to place it on there check as they pay you! You can even send it in a letter from your unit or region stating it is a love gift in thanks for all that Dianne Baldridge means to us!

What a tribute to a wonderful lady that is a cancer survivor. Start sending it all in and we will keep the history of the women in Khaki alive as well as the many people in need of the services your gift will pay for!

Khaki uniforms on opening night at national conference? YES And I will hold my head high as I see the Khaki dressed KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT women among 12,000 of the 20,000+ women of the [company] Field Army, that this very day is fighting the good fight in the war on cancer!

I love you all, Hank, a cancer survivor :)

This page last updated July 06, 2005