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W A R N I N G ! ! ! 
If you start to read this post, you MUST finish reading ALL of it before you write me or post to the list!

(Posted to AOL board 8/27/99)

Hi everyone!! I am so excited. I won the jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there are those of you who usually have huge sales, but this is my highest month in sales. I believe I will be closing out at around $2800!!!!! I'm going for everything next month!!!!!!!!!!! Love Ya!!!! Misty

Dear Misty,

You won???

So you won the jacket?  Big deal, so did many others!

You sold $2800 in one month? So what, It's not going to make you a record breaker or a pacesetter in the Reflections!  Heck, your not even going to be listed as a double bonus earner for $2800!  Just who did you think you were going to impress???

Do you really want to know how much you won???

Read on Misty, and I'll tell you!!!!!

Misty, you have made one of [company]'s greatest achievements of all time this month!  My hat is off and my heart goes out to you!  Sport your jacket with pride!  I'm as excited for you, as you are. 

All too often we forget to celebrate "us" when we do great things.  Part of the reason is the Reflections and the recognition we give at meetings. Don't take me wrong, I like it and think it's great.  However;  when we only
give recognition to the people that " do, sell, book and sponsor" the most we fall far short of listing the TRUE ACHIEVEMENTS in [company]!

In Washington I thought the awards were just repeating last year and the past year of reflections.  Were many of you truly shocked to see SRVP Tammy Mormann and SRVP Kim Yanuskiewicz win most every award?  I wasn't and I know I'm not that smart!  Tammy and Kim are top this and top that in many Reflections!  They are among the best that [company] has to offer.  [company] is what these two impressive and outstanding leaders do best!  Let's see
either one of them take me on in a cook off.  I would knock there socks off!

Were you shocked to see the leaders vote SRVP Leigh Kirk in for positive influence award? She has something like 1/3 of us all in her lineage, has inspired all of us with her profits and is an all around outstanding person! 
Want to shock me, DON'T vote her in!  LOL 

What about UL Jim Lipsky as mid-year top leader in personal sales?  What a shock that one was, right?  I have enough pictures of Jim laying around my house from the number of times he has been #1 in the Reflections to paper the largest room in my house!  Let's face it, Jim is outstanding at selling [company]!  With $13,276.80 in personal sales in July, he sold more than many units did.  Selling [company] is not much of an achievement for Jim, he's best at it!

I know Jim from the internet.  Less than a year ago he wanted to quit [company] due to someone in the business.  He was able to set his focus on HIS business and overcome the challenges.  In a few short months he made it
to Unit Leader and stayed #1 in sales for months!  His greatest achievement is not in sales, it is in making peace with himself and another person, then; getting on with his life!  Jim now has become a beautiful person that is so
full of life.  He is kind and thoughtful to many people.  If Jim quit [company] today, the money would soon run out, but he will reap the rewards of his personal growth the rest of his life.  That's his greatest achievement in [company]!

In my opinion, the greatest achievements in [company] were recognized all week long when the RVP's told us of there struggles to the top!  What they overcame to become the people they are today is where it's at!

I ask you to think about what I'm really trying to say!  I love Tammy and loved her class last year.  Kim inspired me to stick with it my first year as I read her story from the Reflections.  Leigh is an outstanding positive influence, read my post. I wish I could sell what Jim does!

I thank [company] for sharing the wonderful recognition at conference with all of us to enjoy.  However; lets not forget the great achievements WE make in OUR [company] business!  It is so important that we all go to our meetings so that our smaller family can look at our achievements as well!

The internet is one place that we all can come and celebrate OUR great achievements. 

In March the reflections never made up a page to celebrate me booking a party in Ohio, my first party in almost a year.  Yet all of you, my friends; knew what a huge achievement it was and we all made a big deal out of it!  That is what [company] is about.  POSITIVE ATTITUDES and SUPPORTING each other!

What do I list as some of [company]'s greatest achievements this month?

1) Jackie Fowler of Star Gazers had her first party with sales over $800!

2) Ready Aim Fire unit in Keepers of The Light has hung in there another month under the outstanding leadership of UL JO M. !!!!!!!  GO BABY, I love you ;)

3) SRVP Kay Dahm Koshaba was an outstanding guest speaker at our regional meeting!  ( Who cares what she sold this month, she inspired many people outside of her Region! )

4) And most important, Misty Robling Future UL of "The Optimistycs", Future RVP of "All Smiles", Flame Gang, Field of Dreams WON NOTHING!!! Misty EARNED the jacket and many other fine gifts as well as a huge bonus check by breaking her own record sales on one month with sales of around $2800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

In closing, the point I wish to make is this.  The greatest achievements in [company] are not the "top, most and best" in the business when done by people that are great at it!  We seldom get excited when these people sponsor 1 new consultant or sell $2800 in one month.  What is exciting, and the greatest achievements, are when you and I sponsor and sell $2800!  That's worth writing about!

Keep posting your great achievements on the list and boards.  We will keep celebrating them with you so that we together, earn the "INTERNET POSITIVE INFLUENCE AWARD"

I'm so pleased for you Misty!  Hank

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