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At my last unit meeting I sat next to one of my favorite PL consultants holding light conversation from time to time. One of the things that she told me was that she is getting tired of the business and doesn't plan to stay with it much longer. When asked, she told me that after many years she
feels like she is getting nowhere with it. That tells me two things about her right away. First, she is burning out and second that she is still holding on to a glimmer of hope that's fading fast! If I can be of any help at all, I need to figure what is burning her, and many of us; out to fast. Then I need to help her discover what changes she can make to burn at a slower rate so she can love PL once more. Last but not lest, I need to find the source of her hope and bring her focus back to it. To do this, let's take a look at the "Consultant Care Tip Card"

Always keep wick trimmed to 1/4"
Is it time to trim your wick? With all the excitement at our meetings and national conferences, it's easy to let our wick (AKA GOALS) get to long to fast! Goal setting is a vital part of your business, HOWEVER; unrealistic goals can lead to sudden death!!!!! Why do goals work? They work by getting us to work a little harder so that WHEN WE MAKE OUR GOAL, WE FEEL GOOD ABOUT OURSELVES and life a in general. When we set goals we are not yet ready for, and then meet them to soon; we quickly fall flat on our face. On the other hand, when we set them and the we can't meet them, we feel sad or unhappy because we have failed. Some people can get excited over goals like " RVP in 3 months"! What's that all about? Lets face it, if it was that easy we all would be a RVP today! Yet no two of us are alike. The best goal for me might not be the
best goal for you. Start SMALL and work your way up to bigger and bolder goals.

Do not place near drafts, fans or air conditioners.
Nothing on earth will burn you out faster than these three things, and they are as follows.

  1. Drafts, AKA whiners and complainers! These people breeze through your meetings and parties from time to time filling your mind with doubts, fears, and discontent.
  2. Next you have to look out for the fans!
    These people all know what you are doing wrong and just sit and spin overhead spouting out negative remarks. They mean well, however; they really don't understand YOU and YOUR problems. They're solutions would work great in there lives, they just won't work for you!
  3. That leaves us to deal with the air conditioners, AKA pity parties. Turn off the air and put the heater on by booking candle parties not pity parties!

The best way to prevent these three problems from burning you out is to use a hurricane shade. Your hurricane shade should be POSITIVE THINKING people that you can call or e-mail. I have SRVP Beth V. at the base and SRVP Judy S. at the top. The middle is filled with friends like Jo M., Dory S., Robyn G., Belinda J., and Maxine S. ! With a shade like that, you'll not have to worry about these problems!!!

Always burn in proper receptacles.
A ball candle in a tealight lamp or a votive in a 3wick holder? That's as crazy as a consultant that reads the boards and list without reading the consultant manual and monthly mailings! Even better yet, a consultant that goes to parties but not meetings. The next time you read a board or list,
look at the questions and ask yourself, "is the answer to that question in a mailing or our manual?" and you will be in for a big shock! We all will burn out fast if we don't take the time to know what were doing! As for meetings, do you arrive at your parties late or leave early? What about your meetings? Are you a part of your unit and regional meetings or do you just go and watch them happen? Be an active part of all your meetings and you will soon see that you get much more out of them than you give! ( For those of you that are kidding yourselves by thinking that your region leader has nothing you can do at meetings, e-mail me your leader's phone number! I have yet to meet a leader that didn't have bags or boxes to carry in and out and unpack. Not to mention cleaning up or setting up for meetings. What about fund raising for ACS? It's YOUR UNIT and YOUR REGION only when YOUR A PART OF IT!)

Keep wick Centered.
Is your wick out of place or is it centered? How organized are you? Do you make your calls and file your paperwork on time? The less organized you are the more time you waist burning out looking for things. What about a strong personal business? Have you booked enough parties yourself to keep a unit going? Without business of your own, Leadership is out of the question!

That's it for our consultant care tip card! What actions can YOU take? Let's work out a basic plain of action that you can personalize for your own needs.


We all have the same long term goal, be a RVP in a year! What personal goal can you set and meet today that will improve your business? Book one new show? Organize my business? Get out and meet new people for future bookings?
If you set a goal of 21up in a month, you would get discouraged along the way and give up. However, if you set a goal of a new booking this weekend you know you can make that. Next set a goal of a new booking today, and meet it! In no time you'll have that 21up and feel great all along the way! Change your short term goals often so that you don't get board with the same old thing! After all, how often can we book a new party if we haven't gone out to meet new people Set a small daily or weekend goal and meet it! You'll start to feel better right away.

2. Build a strong personal business! What good would it do you to sponsor 6 new people If you can't even bonus and get your unit? A strong personal business is the key to making you money, having contacts you can sponsor and making your leadership team firm! By for filling your small goals, your personal business will begin to increase.

3. Go to all your meetings EARLY and plain to stay LATE if needed. BE a part of your region and unit by taking as active part in them. By becoming an active part, you begin feeling that you are a true part of the TEAM, you are much less likely to get discouraged! You'll find strength in numbers. As you meet your small goals and build your strong personal business you'll become a part of your meetings as you start winning challenges and awards!

4. MAKE A CONTACT LIST OF SUPPORT PEOPLE! Make a list up of all of your friends in the business. When talking with them think to yourself, " Am I feeling good or better than before I called them?" in the back of your mind. Fine tune your list to keep only the people that make you think positive. Keep a list of friends in the business with you at all times that are a POSITIVE influence! When you are having a bad day, call as many of them as you need to run the bad away with positive thoughts! ( I have friends I love dearly in the business that I love to visit with and have fun with that are NOT on my list! Why? They are great friends and wonderful people, however they are not always positive when times are tough!) STAY POSITIVE for others that may need to call you for a little cheer! By setting and meeting your goals and building a strong business you will
have many positive thinking friends to talk about your awards and meet challenges with!

In our business you MUST start at the bottom and work yourself up. You'll loose a unit you earn fast if your personal business isn't strong enough to support it. I know I can't sponsor 6 and have the time to train them in a month or two, so why set myself up to fail? Your small goals will take you to the top one small challenge at a time. A goal to book one new party a week other than ones you get at your shows will over time place you 21up and even more! By setting the goal of sponsoring and TRAINING one new person every month or two, you'll have a strong unit in a year.

As for hope you fine it in YOUR dreams! When you stop dreaming of a better life, you lose your hope to achieve it! Fallow your dreams and together with PL we can live them out!

If you feel like your burning out, Check and see if you're burning right!


This page last updated July 06, 2005