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February FUN at "meetings"

In February I would use the Valentines Day theme and play on Washington Birthday (the 21st) as well.

As everyone arrives, point them to a deck of playing cards for unit or place decks of cards at the check in table for a region.  Ask everyone to pick out the two or more cards that match the number of booked shows they have on there calendar. Tell them the cards will be used to play Black Jack so they need to be able to make a 21 if they have that many bookings.  If they have more than 21, they need the extra cards to match there total number of booked shows.  If they only have 8 shows they can take an 8 or a 6+2 as long as it equals 8!

When you're ready to do your booking talk:

Call two people up at a time to the front of the room (unit) or play at their table (region).  Ask them to show their cards and find the winners. You will need to know who has MORE than 21 for later.

Then have everyone look at there hand and ask " How many of you are going to Las Vegas in July?  How many of you would bet your home or your car at a black jack table using the hand you have?" Let them think about it, then say " You dealt yourselves that hand!  You have in fact placed a huge bet on the hand you're looking at!  Do you know what you've bet?" Let them give you the answers such as " I've bet my dreams"  I've bet my business" etc...  Then tell them they all have a chance at a better hand by booking more shows, and go into the booking talk!

(region)  End your booking talk by having two people with a 21 come up front. Pick the person with the highest card over 21 (26 shows up) and a person with 21 exactly.  Tell them that out of the parties that they have booked, 5 of them will cancel.  Take away the ace and replace it with a six for each player.  Then ask them if they still want to bet on there cards. The person that had 26 up still has 21, however the other person now has only 16!   Nothing more is needed to be said as the point will be well made!

The broken hearted consultant!

Cut large hearts out of red paper.

1)On them write the keys to our business that go hand and hand like,  "2+2", "Booking Gifts", "Hostess Specials"  Etc...OR

2)write out the leadership levels,  unit leader on one half and you+6 on the other.  Have them match up all the levels of leadership and place them in order.

Cut the hearts in two separating the matched words.  You can now do many things with them!!!

(region) You can use this theme through out the entire meeting by introducing all the talks with a broken heart.  Tell everyone you have broken hearted consultants with broken down businesses that your leadership team is going to mend today!  Have the speaker bring us the missing half needed to
mend our broken hearts!  End the meeting by telling everyone " To make it in [Company] you have to put your WHOLE HEART into your business!

(unit) (region) place the broken heart pieces folded up in red and white balloons. Toss them out and pass them to music.  When the music stops, who ever is holding the balloon pops it to see what's inside!

(region) make it more fun by placing a heart that says " You win a box of votives" inside one of them.

Pick a broken heart with a 2+ on it and ask what is missing.  Put the hearts together by discussing the right way to run a business!

The HEART of our Business!

Make a huge heart out of paper.  Write all the levels of leadership across it starting on the bottom with UNIT LEADER then above it write SENIOR UNIT LEADER Etc... all the way to SRVP at the top. 

Cut the heart up into strips and fold them up placing them inside children's Valentines Day cards.

(region) Pass them around, or give everyone a card with most of them blank inside.  Have everyone open up there card at the same time.  Ask who has the first level of leadership, unit leader and call them up.  Have them explain what you need to become a unit leader ECT...  Have a leader help you to tape the heart back together on a poster board.

(unit) Pass out the cards and have them open them up and explain the level that they have.  Piece it back together in order!


(region) In February, set up an old fashioned KISSING both!  Last year I had a lot of fun with this one.  Before you get too excited, I sold CANDY KISSES and NOT the real things!  ( I give the real ones away!  Just kidding)

Have people donate candy kisses and sell a cup of them for a few bucks each.  People will be more than happy to pay so much knowing the money is for ACS! We now sell small bags of candy for $5 and have no problem selling them.

(UNIT) (REGION)  Also in February, you can wrap up red tealight  in white lace for people to use as door prize gifts  at there parties, and sell them for $1 each.  Set one at each place setting and ask for a dollar donation for them.  I get lace cut out circles at the craft store.  Get someone to donate the lace and candles.
(UNIT)  (REGION)  Collect money from your team and send Dianne Baldridge a Valentines Day card with a check made out to the ACS inside.  Enclose a note telling her you are sending her this gift of love in her honor for all that she has done for us!  That will make her day as well!!!
(UNIT) (REGION) What about collecting George Washington ( the one dollar bill)  for Washington's birthday on Feb 21?  Think about it, " Have 21 up on the 21st or give $1 up for George!"
(REGION) Have a nice restaurant or spa donate a gift for your ACS raffle! What spa or restaurant wouldn't want to advertise to a room full of working ladies and a few men???  Have someone donate boxes of children's Valentines day cards. In one of them write " you win a $100 PL GC and leave all the others blank.  Sell them for $1 or $2 each and have everyone open them up at once! 

Have some FUN!!!!!!!  I hope this will help a few of you spice up your meetings a little.  
Best wishes, Hank

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