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The post that started it all:

I was so happy tonight as I left my house to issue a kit to my new consultant! Things went great! I finished with all the paper work and moved on to the product. The new consultant was more than pleased with all the wonderful things as she placed them on her clear glass table! We paused to take her two dogs out. When we came back into the house, so did a frog. I tried to catch the frog as the consultant tried to keep the dogs back. As I turned around with the frog, I hit the table and went flying across the room. The glass table top went with me as did ALL THE GLASS pieces from the kit as I fell on top on her. When it was all over I lay on top of her, both bleeding in a pile of shattered glass with a frog in my hand. She lost it all as well as the 3 collector figurines. WHAT DO I DO?  I am so depressed that I can't think !  hank . . .    : (

One reply:
If you can't laugh about his adventure...you will be depressed!!
Tell the lady to call her home owners insurance!  It wasn't your dog or frog was it?  I'll bet they'll even reimburse you for the kit! Hope you guys weren't seriously hurt.. but I'm still laughing!

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