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This years CYBER UNIT contest for the end of year is once more a chance for all of us to see how [company] has touched many lives in many ways!

I like to look at the positive things we have to be thankful for, so the first prize will go to the [company] person that post the most moving or interesting story of " How [company] came to the rescue" 

An example would be my personal story of my move to my new home. I went to the Regional meeting with a lot on my mind.  The weather had just turned cold and wet for the first time this season.  The night before I got a late call informing me that a friend with a truck, could no longer help me move that weekend.  I needed to leave my storage unit and needed a bed at my house to sleep on, but I had no truck and would need help with all the heavy pieces.  At the STARGAZERS regional meeting I sat in the back of the room by myself pondering the options when one of SRVP Beth Vesco-Smith's sponsors came up to me.  Jackie Fowler of the BURNING MEMORIES unit told me it was no problem at all!  She called her husband Rick and asked him to help me move. 

Early Sunday morning Rick was at my front door with his truck.  In just a few hours my storage unit was empty and my home was full! I am so thankful to Rick and Jackie for their kindness.  They live almost a hour drive from my home, yet got up on Sunday morning, and drove all the way in to help out a [company] friend.  I offered money to them and they refused it.  Just like their leader, and all of the STARGAZERS, being a good friend and helping others is as important as selling candles in [company]!   That's how [company] came to my rescue this year!

Please post your stories for us all to enjoy.  By posting on the list, you enter part 1 of our end of year contest! How to enter:

You must be a member of the candlecyberunit list on onelist.com in order to contribute and take part in this particular contest. Joining is free and easy, and you will not only be able to enter this and other contests, you'll also have daily email from consultants across the USA & Canada filled with support and ideas to help your business grow! Just go to www.onelist.com , and search for "candlecyberunit" and subscribe! If you have difficulty or questions, email Jenn Nunley, who is assisting with the moderating duties on Hank's candlecyberunit list.

Part 2 will start this weekend.  We will be selecting people to vote for as the CANDLECYBERUNIT [company] PERSON OF THE YEAR!  Last years winner was my BELOVED BELINDA JOHNSON for her hard work in bringing us the BEST OF THE BOARDS!  Will she win two years in a row???

Thanks for your positive post!  Positive thinking can cure many illnesses, even a sick business!  Love Ya,  Hank

Last updated July 06, 2005