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I can't Wait to meet you at conference!  I hear that often in the many wonderful letters that I get. I would love to meet all of you and talk awaythe night, what fun that would be!  But is that the only reason to go to conference? No!  You need to be planing this as a business trip. You are going to get all the tools you need to be the best that you can in [company]!  If you never meet me in person or any of your other friends, [company] is still going to pull it off for you. 

The leaders give the best training, and it gets better each year. You will make new friends that you would never get a chance to meet other wise. That's not to mention all the FUN that [company] throws in on top of all the training. Then we have "The Guys"!  After seeing 4 sexy tall handsome men hopping all over the place, you will be saying "Hank who?"! My favorite part of conference is when the SEXY Olga brings out the Christmas line! If you are not as enchanted by the presence of Olga on stage as I am, you will be by the holiday line!  

Did I mention the free goodies and the [company] store! That is why we all need to plan on going to conference this year and should we meet; all the more fun!

I'm sending this out to you  in hopes to avoid any disappointments. I'm very sick at this time and conference is not looking vary good for me this year. Monday I went to my doctor and had many tests run. Monday night I went to my unit meeting. After the meeting at my home I had a large loss of blood. On Tuesday, tests showed that I have almost no white blood cells and I need to avoid all people as a simple cold could kill me at this point. I won't know any more till the 10th.  Staying home kills any chance of working or doing parties and will make the expense of conference alone overwhelming even when my health improves.

WHY did I choose to tell you this now? I have put it off as I DO NOT WANT a flood of letters talking about  my cancer and sickness, I NEED HAPPY THOUGHTS in my mail!!! I DO NOT WANT A OFFER OF A HAND OUT, I still have my pride!  I want to be honest with you and not make you think that I will be in D.C. when it most likely won't happen for me this year.  However, I have a good reason not to go and most of you do not!  SO GO TO Conference THIS YEAR FOR THE RIGHT REASONS! 

With all that is going on, I'm way behind in my e-mail to many of you. It is not a reflection of my never ending love for all of you, I'm just not well. Keep up the happy and funny post on the list, they always cheer me up!  

Hank ( Mr. September)

This page last updated July 06, 2005