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" Mean People Stink ! " said the bumper sticker I saw earlier today!

My first thought was that they must be in [company]. (LOL) In [company] I have found some real stinkers. My second thought was to sign them up!

The fact is, we all have people we just don't like! Why? Who knows, it just happens to all of us. When we liked people in our past, we can go on and on about the wonderful things they did. Yet it works the other way as well! "What a [$%#^] they were! We ether like or dislike people and view all that they do with that in the back of our minds.

It's not a bad thing, it's just how we are. It can become a bad thing however; when we let it affect our happiness and the way we live our lives. It's like when you have a party, with all of your best friends over. When it ends they all start pointing out the problems with each other and wonder what you see in them.

This happens to all of us in [company]! One extreme I know of is a Christian friend that signed up a gay man. I love them both, but NEVER NEVER mention one in front of the other! I know that it is not going to change and I will not try to. It is fine as long as it does not affect there lives in a negative way! These two people will never be buddies yet both are wonderful people!

When you find that one or two people that you just don't like there are a few things you must keep in mind.

1. You will NEVER be able to change them, you can only change yourself!

2. You DO NOT have to like them, BUT you must treat them with respect! All people are ENTITLED to respect know matter how you feel! ( I have heard of leaders that tell people to LIE "pretend" about liking them. A lie is a lie and will result in one person keeping the other away from meetings!) NEVER live a life of lies as it always catches up to you!

3. Never use them as an excuse! You should focus your thoughts and time on the people you like, negative thoughts do no one any good! (you only have 24hrs. a day to spend)

4. You must NOT miss meetings or other events that they go to, you run your life not theirs. ( you don't owe it to them to go, you owe it to yourself!)

5. You must be honest and up front with them, WITHOUT ripping them apart! When someone confronts you in a bad way give a kind reply like "I feel uncomfortable about this! Let's not discus it and both leave happy!"

6. Never lead people on! ( I had a lady at my old church that I would give a hug to each week and every time she told me how good it was to see me. When I was leaving the church for good, she came up to me and told me she was sick of having to hug me and was glad I was leaving! I told her that it was her lies that caused me to do it! I would have gone to others if I had of known!)

7. NEVER TALK BAD ABOUT THEM TO OTHERS! There are no disposable people in the world, so DON'T trash them! It is not there fault or yours that you don't get along, it's just the way it is!

8. As wonderful as you are, you are the "UNLIKED person" to others! You must respect that and let them coexist in peace! B E K I N D !

9. You CAN change YOU! Work at being a better person! We can all improve

10. PL ! It's about candles and making money, friends and memories! It's not about personality!

H A P P Y T H O U G H T S !
It's time to get over ourselves so you can go to meetings and get bookings!


This page last updated July 06, 2005