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All this talk about love in Vegas has me thinking. With all your post about second honeymoons and getting marred in Vegas, as well as our running joke about Hot Little Biscuits; I feel a need to post a birthday post to my one true love on this her birthday!

I met her just a month or two after her birthday 10 years ago and knew I was in love from the start. The very day I met her I fought long and hard to get her to come home with me. My roommate Mitch tried to tell me it wouldn't happen and give up on her but I was in love! Finely I got bold enough to lay it on the line that she would come home with me that night or I would forget her and get on with my life.

I won and that night she was by my side and in my bed! Over the past 10 years she has been my best friend as well as my true love! When I would be out of work or sick she stayed with me never once complaining. She often stayed up all hours of the night with me as I studied my homework in college, once more never complaining. I think that she was the first one I told about my cancer. As Mitch and most of the others around me were still grieving the loss of Jane to cancer. She was the only one that knew my secret
for months never telling anyone. Then with all my ups and downs in PL, she has stayed supportive and would wait up late nights for me to get home. When I made plans to move to Ohio, we decided that she would move first and I would fallow after selling the house. It was the longest 3 months of my life without her. Now in my own home once more, with her at my side, my life is wonderful once more.

With all the women in PL that I joke with, none will ever take her place. I love her to the ends of the earth and would risk my life to save hers. She is my one true love! Tonight I'll cook her a dinner of white rice and ground turkey and sing her my greetings. So on this her 10th birthday, I wish my one true love; My Beloved Little Duchess the happiest of birthdays. She is the best little dog in the world!!!

Did you really think I was a rude pig???
:-) Hank ;-)

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