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The phone rang today when a consultant of mine felt that 7 months was long enough between phone calls.  I had called her often during the holidays as I gave her a list of ALL the past bookings I had before moving to Ohio, and never got her on the phone.  I have been longing to here from her as [company] is just what she needs!  I can still remember her dream.  She wanted to make enough money to take her family on a vacation away from the heat in Florida. Everyone loves her, she was very popular at the first party I meet her at and knew she could go places in [company].  She started out with 12 bookings and I watched as she let them drop month after month down to 5.  I just could never get her to make 2+2 calls or push for that extra booking at parties.  She was Dead in the water!

Dead in the water,  Hi Hank: how's business?

Hank: It's getting better, and who do you have booked in the next 3 weeks?
Dead in the water, NO ONE!

Hank: That's not good!  What have you done about it?
Dead in the water, NOTHING!

Hank: What have you done with the contact list I gave you?
Dead in the water, NOTHING!

Hank: Who on the list have you called?
Dead in the water, NO ONE!

Hank:  The hostess that you booked from is on that list and had 4 or 5 parties a year for me so you should call her! What did you do last night?
Dead in the water,  NOTHING!

Hank:  And who did you call?
Dead in the water,  NO ONE

Hank:  You always got bookings from your church, so who have you asked to book a party from you lately?
Dead in the water,  NO ONE!

Hank:  Well, what are you doing now?
Dead in the water, NOTHING!

Hank:  If we get off the phone now, who would you call to book a party?
Dead in the water, NO ONE!

Hank:  Well, I would say that you have NO ONE and NOTHING to blame when your dreams don't come true!

Are you leaving your business up to NO ONE and NOTHING?  Do SOMETHING today and call SOMEONE!!!!

This page last updated July 06, 2005