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I never post my reply to a personal e-mail over the list because I would never want to embarrass anyone.  However; I received a wonderful letter this weekend with an opening sentence that I would love to address to everyone on the list as I'm sure many of you might someday feel the same way. The letter starts out,  " I doubt seriously whether my letter to you will amount to anything"

A humble soul writing a letter and feeling unimportant and inconsiderable in the huge world of [company].  Who am I that anyone should feel that way when writing to me?  I myself am a tiny fish in the sea called [company].  We have such wonderful recognition for  high achievers that it is easy to feel like that.  Yet what would be farther from the truth than that?  WE ALL are equally important!

I might never get a letter from Diane B., yet you took the time. To the lady that sent the letter, I dedicate this post to you and call it, "One Letter, One Light"

    One letter!
    Words not spoken.
    Thoughts and wishes produced by mind and hand working together.
    Trying to express the deep feelings of your heart.
    Yet, it is just one letter.
    One letter among the millions sent each day.
    Sent with hope that it will convey your thoughts.
    To be received with the love it was written for.
    To bring joy and peace.
    Yet, it is just one letter!
    Was it worth your time?
    Minutes of your life sacrifice to share a thought.
    Will it reach out and touch the soul of a friend?
    Or will it go unnoticed?
    One letter, sent, no chance to change your mind.
    Yet, it is just one letter!


    One letter, One light!
    One letter received as one light!
    One light in a world dark and cold.
    A light that pierces the darkness filling every void.
    The warmth spreads as fast as the glow.
    Reaching into the smallest of cracks to destroy the grip of darkness.
    Kind words with the energy of a lit candle.
    Energy that travels into infinity never to end.
    Yet, it is just one letter.
    One letter filled with light.
    Illuminating a life and the world around it.
    A brilliant gift given in love.
    Oh the power of one kind letter!
    One letter, One light!

    One letter have I!
    A gift, one of a kind, sent to me in love.
    Oh the joy of such a rare gift from a humble soul.
    Written from the heart.
    Now I have another day void of darkness,
    I have one letter, one light!

Is there someone you can write to today and spread a little light to? Hank

This page last updated July 06, 2005