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Polly want a cracker? Or a trip to the Bahamas, a bonus check, or a lot of free product???

Before I had prostate cancer, I spent many weekends shopping around for plants at all of the small nurseries in south Florida. I hate lawns so I plant lush gardens to relax in. At one of the nurseries I came across they had a parrot outside in a cage by the name of Sophie. A strange place for a parrot and a name you don't hear too often. The only other time I had ever heard that name was on a Bette Midler CD when she was telling her nasty Sophie Tucker jokes.

I pushed my face up close to the cage. Using my best Bette Midler voice, I said " I'll never forget it you know" the opening line in most Sophie Tucker jokes. Much to my surprise, the parrot squawked out " You look fabulous' ! I knew at once that the bird owner had to be a huge Bette Midler fan.

The original owner had died and the bird was left to it's new owner in the will. I became a regular customer and saw Sophie often . When I visited, they opened up her cage and Sophie would clime out on my shoulder and talk with me as I shopped. In time I discovered that if I told a joke, Sophie told the punch line . Sophie always had fits when I placed her in her cage so I could leave. I understood the things she she had been taught to say and knew how to get her talking only because I was a Bette Midler fan. No one understood what she was talking about most of the time so they paid her little attention. Poor Sophie only knew what she had been told, so she couldn't explain herself.

By now I know that most of you are saying " What has this got to do with [company]?" Well, let me tell you :)


How would you like to earn a trip to the Bahamas for free? It's EASY and you still have time! You also can earn a living with [company] and quit that job you hate so much. It's EASY to earn free product and a bonus check each month as well. It's easy, just book shows and sponsor others in the business. BY THE WAY, WANT A CRACKER???

Are you a [company] parrot? Do you only know the punch lines? Do people understand you?
Have you earned the incentive trip each year? Why not, you tell everyone how easy it is? Do you bonus each month?

Did you earn all of the free product last year? I didn't! I'm no smarter than the parrot when it comes to the trips. Does that mean that I should give up on sponsoring? NO, it means that I need to make a strong personal business my number one priority! All I need to do is book and hold 3 or more parties a week and sponsor two people a month to earn the trip, not to mention THE MONEY, a BONUS check and LEADERSHIP pay! It's a whole lot easier to sponsor people when I'm making good money and can stop saying, " I KNOW PEOPLE THAT MAKE GOOD MONEY!" It is always easier to SHOW people how easy it is then to tell them.

It is easy! The problem is that many of us " WANT IT ALL" without the work involved. Now is the perfect time for a change! It's now or never for this year. If you and I don't get moving on the trip to Atlantis now, we will have to go another year telling everyone we sponsor about the people that did go.

Let's go out this week and get our passports and hit the phone with TRUE 2+2 calls! It sits before us waiting for us to get reach out and grab it! NOW is the time for us to know what we are talking about with the business we tell everyone else to join!

All this parrot talk is for the birds!!!

" See the pictures of MY trip to Atlantis I took for FREE this year? "

" Want to make as much money as I am?"

"Want a bonus check each month and a lot of free product LIKE I HAVE?" " Want your own unit like I have?"

All sounds much better than " want a cracker?" when we go to sponsor!


This page last updated  July 06, 2005