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April 13, 2001

We can't crawl, walk, or be carried by others into our dreams!  To catch
up to our dreams we must RUN INTO THEM!!!!!

At birth we find ourselves even with our dreams.  We want and need for little that is not freely given to us.  All the people around us offer positive energy that fuels and drives us into our dreams.  We hear of how precious and cute we are by strangers as well as loved ones.  Then one day our dreams start to move a little faster as people abandon us, leaving our dreams just out of our reach.

Soon we come to realize that we must go after our dreams on our own least they move out of our reach forever.  Little by little we try to walk on our own.  With many falls and unsuccessful attempts to reach our dreams on our own, others step in to help us.  This kind gesture builds confidence and strength, yet at the same time; we learn to depend on others to reach our dreams.  With the positive energy being replaced by NO and Maybe, our dreams become further away.

Next we find that we can't reach our dreams if we just hold onto others.  The only way to keep up with our fast moving dreams is to be carried by others.  Others are able pick us up and place us in the center of our dreams much faster than walking on our own.  It isn't long before we discover that those carrying us are headed into there own dreams and not ours.  Going the wrong way, our dreams get almost out of sight; but not lost forever.

If we are to ever live in our dreams, we must make it on our own.  First we need to focus on what our dream really is.  Then we must learn to run on our own.  We are the people that have the freedom to run where we need and do what it takes to catch up to our dreams.  The fastest path to our dreams is never by cutting a new trail, but by running on the path others before us have already made.  Only then will we see that Dreams Come True! 

All of us in PL are at one of these stages with our business!  When we sat at our first candle party did you rediscover your dreams? Maybe it was at a regional meeting when the positive energy reminded you that you once had dreams of your own.  At that point you knew you could reach them with PL, and joined the team.  At first you were crawling in the protection and care of your leaders.  Everything you needed was there for you from starter kit to training.  Soon you discovered that sitting on your hands you couldn't hold
on to your dreams.

It was time to walk!  With many falls and unsuccessful attempts to reach our dreams on our own, others step in to help us.  We came to discover that no and maybe try to come between us and our dreams.  Our leaders try to carry us past them with training on how to run (our business) and words of encouragement.  Sooner or later our leaders will have to drop us on solid ground and let us run on our own.  With our own dreams far away, we start walking faster and faster until we end up running.  Only by running after our dreams will we ever run into them!

There is no magic wand or secret power that will take us to our dreams!!!  We often waist a lot of time looking for short cuts and something new thinking it will get us there faster.  The truth is that if we are ever to live our dreams WE must work hard and take the same BASIC route everyone else has to!

Our leaders can't pick us up every day and carry us through our 2+2 calls parties.  Only I have the power to reach my own dreams.  The first step to reaching our dreams is to know what they truly are and never loose sight of them.  
Next you need to keep in mind that your dreams are not going to one day run into you, you must  RUN INTO YOUR DREAMS!

Wishing all of you a safe run, Hank

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