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I remember going to my first Unit meeting. My leader was new at it as I was her first sponsor.  Our region was hundreds of miles away, so my leader had not been to any training.  As I arrived I found her chasing her naked son around trying to dress him.  The other lady she had sponsored spent the first hour and a half talking about her fights with her husband and how all men are no good.  Between her children's problems and the phone calls my leader told us all about her dreams in [company] and sent us home!

I thought that the Unit meeting was the worst 4 hours of my life.  How could [company] do this to me?  They left me with little help at all.  I felt as though we were the forgotten children. I was mad!  After a few months of the same at meetings, I called our up line to TELL HER how things should be done in [company]!  I was not happy to think that I just spent all this time complaining about EVERYTHING and TELLING our GL how to run her business only to find her upset with me! Who did she think she was?  I renamed her "Nasty Nat" and gave her lots of reasons not to like me!  LOL   ( ALL IN THE PAST NOW!)

As I started to grow up in [company] I discovered a few things about the Unit meeting! A perfect unit meeting should consist of several things. First thing is recognition.  [company] does recognition in all levels of the business from SRVP all the way down to a single consultant.  Unit meetings should offer recognition on a local level as well as national level. Another thing a meeting should have is inspirational stories that inspire us to become better leaders in the company.  Product information and helpful hints are equally essential  It helps if the leader can incorporate motivational tips and reminders of up coming events such as conference and the annual trip.

Most unit meetings, people get the information of the monthly specials and contests and incentives the company is offering. These too are a must for a successful business.  The next thing that is covered at most meetings would be a calendar of events.  The calendar should include up coming meetings as well as deadlines to help you build a stronger business.

Other items such as product changes should be discussed at the meetings in an attempt to keep you informed. Information on advancement and building your business should complete the meeting. It took me a little time to discover something special about [company]!

Every month [company] sends you a complete unit meeting in the mail.  The reflections publication gives you inspirational testimonies as well as recognition.  Hidden inside the pages are some of the best tips you'll ever get, as well as motivational quotes. The mailing includes a copy in color of all the specials which is far superior to any information you could get at a meeting.  The "Communique"'  keeps us informed of price changes and product information.  The calendar reminds us of up coming meetings and deadlinas you can see, [company] guarantees you a perfect unit meeting each month. You have to take the time to read it!  [company] takes good care of all of us! Each month, sit back and read your mailing from one end to the other!  You'll be glad you did!

I wish that the mailing could solve all of our problems with our leaders, but it can't.  Tomorrow we will look at the imperfect people that go into leadership!  As you might have found by now, not everyone in [company] is perfect like you and I!  If [company] could invent " The perfect leader pill", it would save us perfect people a lot of headaches!   In my next post, I will tell how my GL went from me calling her " Nasty Nat" to " My beloved Unit leader Natalie Williams" by using the two "C" words!  I had to make a few changes in a very imperfect person, and it was not her!

The more you learn, the more you earn so get reading!   Hank

This page last updated July 06, 2005