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Is there any force in this world stronger in mankind than LOVE?

For many years, a young mother became stranded thousands of miles away from her family. Her children didn't know any of there relatives at all, other than a name or two. They felt very isolated and yet wanted to know who they were. One day the mother gathered up her children and took them to a week long family reunion. The children huddled close to there mom as they felt nervous around so many strangers. The mom worked hard herself at trying to find the place she would fit in, with little success. The family was loving, however; none of them knew the lady or her children and had nothing
to talk about with her. Even when the lady sat with her children at tables with other family members, no one spoke with them. For the most part, everyone stayed close to the people they knew best. It is always more comfortable that way. The grandmother, great grandmother as well as all the ants and uncles were so busy with immediate family that the lady returned home very disappointed. A few of her children made friends with other children there, but no great love developed.

Soon after the family reunion, the lady drew close to one of her best friends family. She already knew many if them and lived so close to them that she was able to see them all the time. The young lady was told that she should just forget her family and change her last name to theirs! Calling all of her children together she made the announcement. Most of them were delighted to make the change, but not all. One of the sons went
home disillusioned and confused about who he was.

As the son grew apart from them, he moved far away where he met some distant relatives that had been at the reunion. He was welcomed into the family as one of there own. Together they laughed and cried in the good and bad times of everyday life. They cared for him when he was sick and he stayed with them when they were sick. He was a full part of there family in every way but one, blood. He was loved and cared for like never before and thought in his mind that he was one of them.

Soon time came for the family reunion once more. At the reunion he was expected to stay with his mothers family even though all of his brothers and sisters changed there last name and left the family along with his mom, long ago! All that he really knew was a few of his cousins that he had become friends with by writing letters. As great as it was to see them, they were very busy with there babies and close family most of the time. He felt so out of place with all the people he didn't even know. It was so sad that
hundreds of people he knew and loved were there, yet so far away. Missing his loved ones so much, he and his companion set out to find the loving family that he really knew. It's hard to say who found who because he heard his name being called out by them long before he saw them. Both he and his partner were surrounded by adopted family all waiting to give each of them a huge hug. The genuine love that all of them share for each other was so powerful that the minutes became hours and the hours became days. They shared many great memories together that continue to bond them close today.

He understood how his mom's family stayed close in there small family groups as it was no different than how he felt with his adopted family. He knew he was loved and excepted by the other family even though they really weren't close. No harm was done or meant by a man longing to be with his loving family and taking the time to share time and space with them. Time taken out of there lives that can never be relived or taken from them. Time with the people most important in his life, the ones he loves! A warm and content feeling about his mom's family came over him, knowing that they to took care of the ones close to them! He was just like them after all, drawn close to others by the force of love!

It was at that family reunion that he knew without a doubt who he was. He is always going to be from his mothers family and blood line. He will always be proud to clam himself by there name and look forward to seeing them every year in July. He looks forward to the day he can visit his mothers family and see the home town they all live in. But in July and all the rest of the year long there is a force to strong to fight. He will be drawn close to the family that took him in and made him one of there own, he will be with
them under the force of love! In the world of love, he is one of them. I never want to post a writing that would stir things up a little and divide friends on an issue. I'm posting this post in hopes to comfort the many friends that find themselves in the same boat or will real soon! I hope and pray that all of you will take a look at my honesty and think about what I'm really saying!

Wishing all of you PEACE, HAPPINESS and LOVE, Hank

This page last updated  July 06, 2005