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Information presented here is applicable to consultants only.

The Monthly Mailing Synopsis is provided as a RESOURCE available AFTER the 1st of each month. 

1. The contents will never be posted before the 1st of the month to allow for everyone to have received their regular monthly mailing in their home mailbox, and/or to have attended their monthly unit or regional workshop where it is hoped that the information would have been received in person.

2. This is meant as a reference point and hopefully an inspiration to those who are not receiving monthly packets due to inactivity. It is hoped that by seeing what you are missing, you may be motivated to call up your leader, attend meetings, and get that kick in the butt you need to get your business re-started! Webmaster is not responsible for typographical errors. For the most accurate information, you should always refer to your mailing or contact your Leader.

3.  Please take note of the mailer date:  If the mailer date on the website states "January Mailing" then this means that the mailing was sent in January and will contain information for February contests.  This is how the Company names the mailers and we will comply.

4.  Please do not ask me to email you monthly "secrets" before the mailers are received.  I find out mailer information when everyone else does:  when it is posted on the Company website or when I receive my mailer through the US Postal Service.  I do not find anything out early and cannot (and would not) divulge any information early!

5. Please do not request that copies of this Mailing Summary be emailed directly to you. Due to the amount of requests received for this service, it is impossible for me to mail to everyone that requests it. Mailing Summary will be posted on this site and others on the 1st of each month and will also be made available to members of email discussion group, Candlecyberunit. Please direct questions or concerns to Jenn Nunley via email.

This page last updated July 06, 2005