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August 18

Yes, you read right...long time with no updates! Well, many of you are as busy as I am building your business - that's a good thing right!! I thank you all for your continued patience and daily email messages while you wait for some new content...I promise it'll be here sometime soon! I miss working on the site daily, but I have a couple of new sponsors myself, and hope to have a unit by November!

Are you all familiar with Directly From the Heart stickers? If you are - they have completed the renovation of their website & it is definitely worth a second look! If you've never seen their products, do yourself a favor & zip on over there - I'm sure you will like what you see!
Here - I'll make it easy for you...Click Here!!!

Still waiting for a new unit to be featured.....send your suggestions & pics to belinda@bestofboards.com

August 5

Thanks to Cynthia Marlowe for sparking the idea for the newest addition to Best of the Boards! It's called... Featured Unit of the Week
...starting with the Explosion Region, Fireworks Unit!

I am SO excited to give you all the opportunity to feature your unit here for all the PL online family to get to know! Here's how:

1. Send your unit's request to be featured to CndlsRUs.
2. Include up to 4 photographs in .jpg or .gif format, and full names please for the records, although only first names will be posted. If you do not have access to a scanner, you may email me for the snail mail address. If you would like the names to be "emailable" (click on the name to send an email), be sure to include the full email addresses to go with each name.
3. Include special achievements, unit charity fund-raising successes, anything your unit is doing that is noteworthy!

This is a very exciting step for this website - it will really bestow ownership upon all of you who make it possible!

New units will be featured each Monday as long as I have material to post! (I'm thinking this is not going to be a problem...LOL)

Who will be next in the spotlight?

August 4
Wow! You really need to check out Directly From the Heart's new updated website!

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