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November 15
The best-laid plans...!

First things first...I am going to post the FYI post that I sent to the message boards & the lists. Please read it before downloading either of the flyers that I have prepared!

From: Belinda Johnson
Date: Saturday, November 14, 1998 10:10 PM
Subject: about my info...

Hi all!
In response to some questions in the hundreds of emails I've received in the last 24 hours...most of you know this but call it a refresher... I am NOT direct to the Home Office so my information is definitely not privileged :)

I got it the same place you are getting it - from a fellow online person whom I felt was very reliable. I haven't received my mailing yet either, but in the essence of timely communication, created the flyer to get to my unit and anyone else who chooses to use it.

Since most of the items were also on the July white sale, I feel pretty safe in assuming this is the correct list, but that is up to  you! Having been in retail for 15 years prior to the last 4, I do recognize the strategy used to "move" slow-moving items when getting ready for a new catalog - it's in the company's best interest to try to move these items at full price before having to make a decision to mark them down or discount them. That's where we come in!

As a point of reference, I remember last year as a hostess when I saw the list for the first time around December thinking, "oh wow - if I can wait till January I'll be able to get these things really cheap"....again - going by my retail background...HOWEVER... it didn't happen! Many items not only didn't show up on sale, or even in business boosters for consultants, they just disappeared after December & were not available at full price OR discount!

So the advice that has already been offered by some seasoned consultants, RVPs, & SRVPs is very good - call your hostesses, customers, friends, co-workers, etc - to suggest that they may not be able to get their favorite items if they are on the list & they wait...book a show & get them now!

The same rule goes for information posted here on the bulletin boards & lists that is on the entrance page to Best of the Boards.. The best place to receive 100% accurate information will always be the company-supplied literature & manuals.

Have a great weekend everybody!

And now...here are the files that I have available on the 1998 "Retired" items (as we know them right now)

Word 97 1998list.doc
Text Version 1998list.txt

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