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May 29, 2002
Paron is having a fun 5 day special. All orders over $50.00 will get FREE
Orders under $50.00 will get 10% off.
Orders must be placed before June 5th. Pass the word and have fun shopping
and saving money!
NOTE:  The shipping and discounts will be subtracted when we process and ship the order.  They will not show on your order or confirmation, but never fear, we will remove them before we process the order.

May 23, 2002
Order your bags today!  My sewing machine has been buzzing now that I have the new fabric in stock.  Bags will now ship in just 7-10 days from the time you order! Packing and unpacking your kit will be both fun and speedy with these hand made bags from The Bag Lady! 

Photo Bag $5.00!May 21, 2002
Get Organized Candles
GET ORGANIZED COMPANY is having a "Blow Out Sale" on Photo Bags. Prices start at just $5.00. Check it out!

May 18, 2002
Post from the Message Board 5/17:
Here's a great post from Candejo of how to do a Mystery Hostess Show from beginning to end.  Use this as your guide to write up your own invitations and present the products/opportunities.  Thanks Candejo!

Postcard Invitations:  Calling all Candle Addicts! Yes, it’s that time again. Out with the old and in with the NEW 2002 catalog! The best just keeps getting better! So, if you would like a copy for yourself and the chance to see a beautiful display items and smell new scents……It’s time for MYSTERY HOSTESS NIGHT!

When: Thursday January 10th
Time: 6:30pm

Rsvp - free gift Bring a friend - free gift Bring $50 order - free shipping on your order
Play games - win BIG prizes!! Then…On to the Mystery part!
Place an order - 1 ticket Book a show for January - 2 tickets
Do both - 5 tickets
We will draw from tickets for winner of the FREE hostess credit!
Can’t wait to see you!

I pay a teenager candles to call everyone and remind them. I have a script written that takes them 30 seconds to read and get an answer from which they track on the calling sheet for me. I do this because I am busy of course cleaning. And I have my regular holders filled throughout my huge house like I always do, but I set up many tables of product in my family room. I borrowed from friends and neighbors when I didn't have much! I set up my kitchen table with:

1. a basket with tealights (for rsvp gift)
2. a basket of votives (bring a friend gift)
3. sign in sheet
4. basket of catalogs with order blanks paper clipped on
5. nametags

They take what they earned and nametag and catalog. They can look while everyone else gets in. I play four games. The prizes are retired pieces or business boosters all done up in pretty bags and bows. They open in front of everyone. The Best GAME I have ever found it the scavenger hunt because you can sneek in a demo with it and the consultant opportunity. I give out tickets and the most wins for that one. I try to make them quick and funny so they don't take long. Believe me nothing is funnier than seeing 25 people passing balloons for a left right game! Then I pass a plate of cookies and punch around (nothing fancy, I tell them the punch is strawberry pop and gingerale and store bought cookies!) and they order, we add and draw for hostess credit and two more gift bags. The goal for me is Bookings so I always play a game that has to do with showcasing the hostess specials.

I have no control over them at all. The key to that is the games. they want to win and see who gets the free credit so they move FAST! But I truly feel the reason behind the success is totally different than what I expected. They see me in my home environment, in jeans and a nice shirt and socks! They see I am normal! I am truly having FUN! Imagine that all this takes place in a house that is only 4 feet wider than a 2 1/2 car garage! So many of the guests have become good friends after and very loyal customers because I have "let" them into my life. Not only have the rewards been lots of bookings, sales and new consultants but the feeling deep in my heart from sharing my life and love of my career with them. And just think...the only thing I thought I would get out of it was a few bookings. It taught me to let my customers into my heart too and BIG THINGS HAVE HAPPENED EVER SINCE!

May 9, 2002
Custom Services - THE HOOK
May Special!
Now through May 31st, get THE HOOK for only $19.95 + shipping!  Order yours today!  Order online, by phone or mail!  You'll get "hooked" on this AWESOME setup aid to display your hanging pieces at shows!

May 6, 2002
CL-101We've added 11 new/re-designed candle-related labels with more color and graphics. This includes our new semi-custom circle label, that allows you to get more information on the label. All 11 of our new labels are on sale during the month of May. These labels can be found on our "candle labels" page.

New Ready-made Hostess PacketsMarked Improvement www.markedimprovement.net 
New Product! Developed by request for candle consultants. Affordable, professional looking, concise, and ready to help you sign up new consultants for your team! The packets are designed with 2 inside pockets. In the right pocket there are 3 professionally created inserts in the Marked Improvement "style", based on the "Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it" theme. Only $1.49 each or 10 for $13.99.


SALE! All 2 inch foil stickers $1.39 per sheet (regularly $1.49)

May 5, 2002
Express Yourself
Got a favorite item, but you've been holding off on buying it?  Well, how
about getting it for FREE!  During the month of May, enjoy your choice of
FREE product with every order of $25 or more!  Click here to check out all
the details of this month's special sale!

May 3, 2002
Welcome Poem Game
New variation of an old favorite) Submitted by

May 1, 2002
Consultant Corner www.consultantcorner.org
May Specials!  EVERYTHING is 20% OFF!  And, with any order of $50.00 or more (before tax and shipping) you get your choice of one of four different items FREE!

Karie's Kandle Roses www.tealited.com/karie
Special!  May to ? ALL Single Votive Roses are ONLY $2.50! No limit and choose from any scent available!  This is my way of saying thank you to all of you who have helped my business grow since I joined the BoB Business Links!

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