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ACS Total as of July 16th, 12:01am - $3750.00!  Add $290.00 to that from Belinda's generous challenge and that gives us a GRAND TOTAL OF $4040!!
We made our goal and then some!!!
Thanks so much to all of you......Blessings from all who will benefit from your donation and best of luck in the exciting drawing at the Friday Night Fling!

Grand Total after conference:  $4267.85!

All entries received will be listed on the this page so you will be able to see if yours has been received. You do not have to be present at conference to win, but both drawings will take place at the Friday Nite Fling.

 June 12  June 13  June 14  June 15
 105.00  100.00  5.00  30.00

 Jackie Whiteker
 Jenn Nunley
 Laurie Ayers
 Belinda Johnson
 Steve Tucky
 Candy Jackson
 Jasa Cumberland
 Amy West
 Hank Downs


 Denise Pastor
 Terry Granata
 Elizabeth Bowles
 Carol Feola
 Amanda DePorter
 George Totman In memory of Marian Totman
 Susan Andrews

 Candy Jackson

 Toni Chase
 D Alysia Pardo
 June 16  June 17  June 18  June 19
 5.00    20.00  75.00

 Darlene Hancock
 Lily Todd
 Kim Kliegel 

 Rennie Lovell
 Karolyn Wehner
 Julie DeAngelis
 Lee Anne Schery
 Elba Hawkins


 June 20  June 21  June 22  June 23
 60.00 10.00 30.00 20.00

 Nancy Henschel
 Shannon McKoon


Ellen B. Diedrich

Jo Thompson

Barbara Stuckey
Tami Howard
June 24 June 25 June 26 June 27
 30.00  125.00  140.00  60.00

Tania Jolley
Theresa Hayes

Celeste Valdez
Traci Ward
Julie Moody

Zoe Furze
Erin Higgins-Lorenc
Adriana Atkins
Beth Nagorsky
Ann Earle

Michele Lindell
Crystal Patterson
Jennifer Peterson
Julie Sullivan
Janey Gaertig
Demetra Morgan
June 28 June 29 June 30 July 1
 50.00  60.00  45.00 50.00

Susan Morten
Billie-Jo Kester
Connie Covey
Beth Nagorsky

IvA Valdes
Cathy Tyler

Terrence Redmond
Sarah Penn
Nicole Schmidt
Renee Hardy
Laura Bruntz

Eleanor Aliffi - In memory of Ellie Marsh
July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5
 280.00  146.50  45.00  235.00

Donna Lobacz
Marie Nuzzi
Elizabeth Grajeda
Marian Nailor
Laura Carson
Lisa Ann Rodrigues - In memory of Akira & Tokiyo Mixamoto
Nan Goerlitz
Anthony Ramos
Naomi Schneck
Marge Meyer
Amy Ignatz
Marissa Phillips
Lori Varnado


Candy Jackson
Gwen Carter
Lynn Fallat - In  memory of her father Bart Sciarrone
Jeanette Curry
Leslie Witzke
Susan Pojanowski - In memory of Hank's mom
Holiday - No Mail

PayPal donations:

Stephanie Brennan
Sherry Greene
Mikan Outwater
Delean Holtsclaw

Paula Sweet
Michelle Preston
Rosanne Zabloudil
Wanda Thompson
Linda Lukas
Tina Miller
Susan Williams
Sarah Woollen
Heather Moser
Brenda Meyer
JoAnn Rhodes
Kathleen LaCosse
Debbie LaDuca
Tammy Seaton
July 6 July 7 July 8 July 9
 160.00  5.00  90.00  85.00

Laurie Dening
Beth Nagorsky
Marcianna Silva
Tricia Sinon Murray
Jean Beck
Heather Yandricha-Strocko
Cheryl Marcus


Stephen Leon

Stacey Cannon
Marian Nailor In memory of  Ralph Livingston
Pamela Amy
Sheila O'Brien
Lisa Gonzales
Laura Phillips
Sandra Kimball

Joyce Landenwitsch
Marian Nailor
Sherry Gingerich
July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13
 225.00  130.00  290.00   275.00

Jo Melillo
Judith Guth
Suzan Smith
Lisa Starritt
Kim Fischer
Colette Dunsmore
Dorothy Hudson
Ruth Devereaux
Angie Lyons
Annette Gagliano
Sharon Safford
Elba Hawkins
Kimberly Toulson
Angela Marshall In memory of my friend Lauren
Beth Nagorsky
Josie Rizzio


Julie K Didway
Sheryl Bunch
Toni Lavigne
Jennifer Norris
Janis Turk
Karen Loeffler-Lynch
Susan Durant
In memory of Dawn and Danny
Andrea Cushing
Theresa Hayes
Sally Dold
Ilene Mundell In memory of Lee Browning
Darlene Hancock
Denise Pastor
Adriana Atkins
Melissa Moody
Rennie Lovell
Annette Ward
Laurie Ayers In memory of Mom, Grandpa & Grandma
Donna Merlino
Michele Bloschock
Janet Beck
Karen Jackson
Gidget Ducharme
Debby Loundagin
Missy Bruehl In honor of Ruth Rearden, Gloria Bruehl and Sisters of the Flame
Karen Ross
Penny Tardona


Mary Harden
Eileen Cotton
Janey Gaertig
Theresa L. Rist
Traci Ward
Jamie Hanson
Sharon Peralta
Kellie Tee
Liz Raczek
Lisa Bredemeier
Roxanne Yerkes
Cherry Scott
Lani Juarbe
Jenna Klein In memory of grandmother, Ruth Heller
Hank Downs
William Randolph In memory of Pat Downs
Maxine Stimmel
Wanda Hogan-Aylock
July 14 July 15 July 16 Mail entries postmarked before 7/16
 145.00  128.50  490.00 110.00

Charmen Sherman
Susan Popok In memory of Paula Popok
Karen Johnson
Susan Ackmann
Patricia Reed
Jerrilee Robinson
Kathy Helldoerfer
Patti Gaffney
Tracie Denny
Marti Summers


Lora Pendleton In memory of LeAnn Craig
Laura Pinard In memory of Richard J. Hagan
Sandra Amrhein
Jackie Whiteker
Candy Jackson
Linda Moreen
Beth Nagorsky
Sandi Wasteney
Elizabeth Goodson

Last day to enter via PayPal or mail

Marilyn O'Donnell In memory of John O'Donnell
Sheryl Fisher
Lisa Kumpfmiller
Julie K Didway In memory of Gary Johnson
Kathryn Pavoni
Kimberly Bauer
Marlo Pizzo
Diana Jackson

Mail Donations received today:
Diana Andrews
Jennifer Marquis
Karen Rubinstein
Cheryl Newman
Melanie Nelson

4:30pm to Midnight PayPal donations
Total so far:  $290.00
Lisa Phillippi
Laurie Dening
D Alysia Pardo
Martha Aguayo
Stephanie Brennan
Elizabeth Goodson
Stephanie Craven
Beth Nagorsky
Andrea Cushing
Candy Jackson
Connie Armstrong
Dayna Houston
Jennifer Manzella
Jessica Waldman
Jenn Nunley
Angela Marshall
DeLean Holtsclaw
Angela Marshall
Tom Shepard
Sarah Penn
Heather Beukelman
Jamie Hanson
Heather Beukelman
Adriana Atkins
Marilyn O'Meara
Heather Beukelman

Maggie Dawson
Kathy Schmoyer
Cathy Leonard

Michele DiNardi Fields

Diane Cooney

PayPal received after 7/16 midnight:
Diane Pantaleo
Judy ODell In honor of her dad
Julie Rossoff