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Newsletters have been a hot topic lately on the onelists and the message boards.

Several creative people have shared their ideas with us and I'm creating this new subdirectory to "archive" them for your convenience.

If you have a successful newsletter you have used with your customer base, please feel free to share it here on Best of the Boards by emailing it to me at . I can usually open any type of attachment you send my way - Word doc, Works file, Word Perfect, Print Shop, Printmaster, Adobe, Publisher, etc... or last but not least - copy and paste it into an email! I'll do my best to preserve your formatting and graphics as long as they do not violate any trademark or copyright issues - PLEASE - avoid using the company name as I CANNOT allow it to be posted here on BoB. Not my rules - but not my choice to enforce them either.

As always, all contributions will be credited to the person who forwards them to me (the author) unless specifically requested to remain anonymous.


last updated August 09, 2004