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Product Info 5/18/99
The Southern California section of the Contagious region recently had a regional with some grouping ideas that I'd like to share with the group. We do not claim to have orginated all of them and thank anyone who first came up with the ideas. Hope you enjoy them!
Suzanne Moore, TL from SET APART Unit

WREN'S NEST--Suspend on a banana hanger, wrap the hanger in floral decor or straw, add 'grass' under the house, and if possible, add a small bird's nest at top of the hanger with the GARDEN ORNAMENTS anchored in hidden floral clay placed around the nest. If there is a plug available, a string of small white outside lights could be wrapped in a spiral up and around the hanger's arm.

ORBIT BOWL--Fill with moss and place a smaller bowl in center to form a 'pond'. Place a PATIO PAL on moss at the pond's edge and surround the ORBIT with other pieces like the SUNFLOWER BUDDIES . Our display had one BUDDY up on top of a small covered box above the ORBIT just to stagger their arrangement a bit. One HUMMINGBIRD HOLDER was placed on 1/3 stake stuck in hidden floral clay at the back of the ORBIT so that bird appeared to be hovering over the pond.

An alternative idea that has been used is to surround the ORBIT scene with three HUMMINGBIRDS stuck in three small terracotta pots with floral clay, stagger the birds' heights by using all, 2/3 and 1/3 of the stakes, and fill each pot with moss or flowers.

CHAMBER STICK & JAMESTOWN SNUFFER--Place snuffer in front of stick with taper candle of choice. Place a child's book open-face to one side of the items with this suggestion on a 3X5 card in pretty printing like caligraphy-style, "Start a Tradition at Your Home. Light a candle together, read, snuff and say, "Sweet Dreams!"

QUARTET w/4 ROSE PEGS, 4"FALMOUTH, SECRET GARDEN RING & PETAL LIGHT--Arrange the ring inside the quartet, the FALMOUTH inside the ring and the PETAL LIGHT on the brass stand..lovely!

VENICE w/ black squares, SAVOY, MOSAIC TEALIGHT BOWL, one CHERUB FOLLOWER & one CAMEO PAIR--Arrange the VENICE on black velour in semi-circle, place the SAVOY in center with bowl, tilt the flowers in the bowl and nestle the one cherub in the center of the flowers so that it is visible over the rim of the bowl when viewed from the front.

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