Anessa's Themes (2000)
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Based directly on Samantha's Themes for the 1999 Product line, Anessa Hartman re-formatted many of these themes and added a few of her own to fit the 2000 Product Line, and provided them in Word Doc format, which is more widely used than Printshop or Printmaster. You can view Anessa's version of "Samantha's Themes" and download your choice of Word doc or Adobe pdf files on these pages. All files print on a standard 8-1/2" x 11" page. Just a reminder: The only way you can EDIT any of these files if to use the WORD doc format, and then you must have a full copy of Microsoft Word (comes in Microsoft Office). You will not be able to EDIT the word docs in the freely downloadable Word Viewer (hence the name "VIEWER")

Please Note:  If you get a pop up window asking for your user name and pw just click cancel and continue.  This is a MS version glitch.  We will NEVER ask for a password to download files on BoB.

Name of Party WORD doc
Free Viewer)
Banana Split Party 33k 13k
Beach Party 45k 17k
Black Friday Party 21k 11k
Brunch Party 53k 23k
Chocolate Party 26k 22k
Christmas in August Party 24k 10k
Coffee Lover's Party 20k 17k
Come and Go Party 18k 18k
Couples Party 42k 54k
Create Your Own Theme Party 17k 9k
Deck Party 50k 19k
Football Party 37k 58k
Fruit Salad Party 130k 54k
Fundraiser Party 17k 6k
Garden Party 28k 14k
Halloween Party 43k 31k
International Party 45k 20k
Hawaiian Islands Party 431k 106k
Mardi Gras Party 27k 129k
Margarita Party 24k 51k
Men Only Party 26k 24k
Build Your Own Nachos Party 30k 16k
Naughty Nightie Party 35k 14k
Pool Party 37k 17k
Red White & Blue Party 21k 15k
Show and Tell Party 31k 45k
Shower Party 56k 16k
Sports Party 49k 21k
Strawberry Shortcake Party 67k 26k
Build Your Own Sundae Party 23k 13k
Tropical Drinks Party 23k 50k
Ugly Candle Party 46k 72k
Volleyball Party 26k 13k
Table of Contents 21k 14k
Cover 87k 28k

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