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Use the INGREDIENTS for your demo!!! 
My hostess is providing ice cream and each guest has an assigned ingredient- then guess what... YESI USE the ingredient to demonstrate something to do with- you got it- PL!!!

Cherries- the perfect final touch- the booking gifts are the "cherries of the hostess program- the final treat pl uses to top off the hostess rewards!    

Chocolate sauce- home Scentiments    

Chocolate mints- refreshing taste- candles freshen a stale room!    

Caramel sauce- bubble jars    

Nuts- people thought I was nuts when I said I wanted to be a candle lady! Opportunity seed    

Whipped cream- enhances any dessert like candle light enhances a room!    

Gummy bears or worms- different taste, not everyone would want it on ice cream!- how pl appeals to everyone b/c of its diverse line!!    

Oreo cookies- perfect combination- point out a grouping on your table where the pieces complement each other perfectly!    

Strawberry syrup- new fruity fragrances!    

Bananas- no 2 nanas are alike- neither are the mosaic, calypso, hand made pl products!!    

Sprinkles- vibrant colors add style- bright colorful pieces like mardi gras, tree top inn, hydrangea lamp- OR how changing candle color in pieces change the look!    

Ooohhh!! BRAINSTORM!!!!    
BUILD the hostesses sundae to explain the hostess program!!!!
$400 show w/ 3 bookings
1.  The ice cream is the spree- each scoop is $50!!! so 2 scoops

2. 1/2 price items are the sauces- choose 2 different sauces or 2 of the same- whatever she wants!!!  

3. Specials- 3 specials- 3 toppers- nuts, sprinkles, gummy worms- put em on there!!!    

4. Finally - booking gifts- which one does SHE want??? # of cherries for # of bookings needed!!!!!    

Now hostess sits and eats her sundae FIRST - showing how special pl makes her feel.... I can't WAIT for my party next week!!!
Oh--- turn down the lights so no one sees her stuff her face- the OTHER beauty of candle lit rooms!!!