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Best of the Boards is a personal website built from the contributions of direct sales consultants across the USA & Canada. It is NOT an officially sanctioned site of any specific Direct Sales Company.
Any references to specific company or manufacturer names are completely unintentional and will be corrected immediately upon notification of the webmaster.

Updated nearly every day, the What's New  pages should always be your first stop on Best of the Boards for important announcements, newly created pages, display ideas, and new Business Links. Contest results will always be posted on What's New, and you will want to know if you've been selected as a winner! Prizes not claimed within two weeks of announcement will be re-awarded to another entrant.

The Consultant Directory
As of 1/10/2001, the Directory has been discontinued. Hopefully temporarily, but there is no anticipated date at this time. If you are a long-distance sponsored consultant, or your leader/sponsor has left the business and you need to find local support/training, feel free to post to the
Message Board, where you will be very likely to get quick responses from legitimate, current, ready-and-willing-to-help consultants in your area!

JUST THE FACTS, JACK! New Consultant Basics
Exactly what you might expect from the title...all the basic information that was the reason behind the creation of this website in the first place back in May of 1998. Games, Hostess Ideas, Sponsoring Ideas, Theme Parties, Booking Ideas, Fund Raising & Fairs, Inspirational Messages, Telephone Tips, Organizational Tips, Product Info, and a new section: Start Me Up!
Your ticket to starting out brand new or rebuilding a floundering business.

BUSINESS LINKS! Only Suppliers of direct sales related products and services are allowed to be a part of Best of the Boards Business Links. Stickers, Software, Online Resources, Shirts, Stationary, Jewelry, much much more! Please support our Business Links as they provide the sole financial support of this site, as well as donating prizes for all of the Best of the Boards contests.

The NEW Message Board!  
An open forum for consultants to share their ideas and support each other. Although unmoderated, it is regularly checked for inappropriate posts or advertisements outside the required server ads. Derogatory posts toward individuals, advance notice of company promotions before monthly mailing dates, or posting of trademarked or copyrighted names will be removed and friendly reminders given to the individuals responsible for posting. This is also not a forum for buying, selling, or trading product between either consultants or customers, although it may be used to assist in customer service (ie: locating retired product for example to replace a piece no longer available through the company). ANY and ALL SUCH TRANSACTIONS ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK -- PLEASE EXCHANGE PHONE NUMBERS PRIVATELY AND CONTACT EACH OTHER PRIOR TO ACTUAL EXCHANGE OF PRODUCTS/MONEY.

Candle Chat! Spirits of the Fire Chat Room!
Set up, maintained, and supported by Dave at Ravenquest (Spirits of the Fire) - the Chat Room is always open.

We will hold a scheduled chat every Sunday night between 8:00 - 10:00 Central Time. Hopefully, that time frame will allow everyone from East Coast to West Coast an opportunity to pop in for a few minutes. Feel free to arrange other regularly scheduled times to get together on your own.

Downloadable files in universal formats - flyers, fund raisers, sample letters, clip art, etc, as well as links to the free software viewers necessary to open them if you don't have a compatible program installed.

BELOVED! Best of Hank
All of Hank's unique perspectives on our direct sales business and life in general sometimes! Yes, Virginia, there IS a Hank...he is a REAL consultant...with a real gift for motivation! 

GUESTBOOK! Show your support for Best of the Boards by taking your place in the Guest book. Separated by month, the guestbook pages go all the way back to May of 1998 when the BoB site was launched. Be a part of the original "Cyber-Region" by signing in!

Your BoB webmaster, Belinda Johnson

All contributed ideas may be edited for accuracy at the discretion of the webmaster. However, please remember that the best place for 100% accurate information will always be the company-provided literature & materials.

We work in a wonderful company that is full of motivational and encouraging surprises, most of which are unveiled at Regional and/or Unit meetings. You may be so excited when you hear of upcoming challenges and/or incentives that you want to shout it to the world!!!
!! But Please Don't !!
If you feel you must let out some energy by posting on the boards or lists, post an encouraging word to all your PL friends by advising them to get to their monthly meetings so they can benefit firsthand in the excitement!

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