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How to's for Packing Your Bag

Hand-Made Set of Lapboards
Simply cut neatly & carefully the fronts & backs off of 3-ring binders. You can purchase brand new ones in a box of 12 at Sam's Club - split the cost with another consultant & ta-da - you each have a set of 12 lapboards for about $5.00 each.

Set of 10 Show Folders  
Make your own (directions follow) or purchase a professionally made set from Creative Converting

1. Teal colored folders (no prongs - just the basic model) from Office Depot, Office Max, wherever. 10/2.99 at Office Depot. Open it up to lay flat, fold down the top all the way across about 2 inches. This will make it slightly taller than the catalogs. A plain ordinary glue stick works best for coating & securing this folded portion down, and the folding leaves a nicely finished edge on all sides.
2. Now fold the right & left sides across the center, creating a 3 section layout. I purchased an extended reach stapler and am stapling my catalog in, but last year I 2-hole punched it & the folders, and tied ribbon through to secure it. Either way would work, stapling seems quicker & a little more secure, but I did like the look of the ribbon in last year's folder. Kinda gave it a festive look. Secure the catalog in place on the left-most fold, so
that it is between the 1st & 2nd third of the folded folder.
3. I place the order form, folded in half, behind the catalog, and fold the right-most side over the order form, but under the catalog. Then the front folds over the catalog. Candle Care Tips in the front pocket. I used to put door prize slips in the folders, but recently I have found that I prefer to have someone hand them out when we are ready to do them. There's almost always a child with at least one guest, so I let them be my assistant through
the show, passing out things & collecting them.
4. I am gluing one of my business cards on the inside front pocket, this is because folding it in thirds puts the business card pocket off-center - and I guess I'm kinda silly about things being symmetrical & centered LOL...this way they know who to write the check out to...and I give away business cards with all my door prizes & sponsor packets, so anyone who wants to take one usually ends up with one! Also, a nice sticker from any of our great sticker sources, on the front...for specific sources go visit my website & click on Business Links!
5. When the Spring flyer comes out it will get tucked into the front pocket (assuming it fits...which could be a big assumption LOL!), and the Holiday catalog, if it is the same size as the regular one, can be stapled or tied between the second & third section.
This was the best of the three methods I worked out - since it made nice finished edges with no cutting & really not too much hassle. I love the idea of permanent 3-ring binders & sheet protectors, but I needed a more inexpensive way to go immediately...till all the fabulous income starts rolling in from January shows!
Addition 10/12/2002 - More Folder Ideas!

Lei Game
thanks to Gina for these instructions - I added some editorial comments LOL!

I have been using the Lei Game that Rita Ebersole gave us a while back! IT IS AWESOME! It not only helps me with multiple bookings but it is a sponsoring tool as well! I bring my hostess up in front of the room w/ me and I ask her to wear 4 different colored lei necklaces. I then explain how PL has an incentive trip every year and this year I am going on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii! Everyone ooooo's and aaaaaaa's!

I then tell them that I wouldn't have been able to earn that trip without my hostesses and guests so I like to thank them in a special way! I explain that there is a color coordinated envelope to match each of the necklaces so when someone decided to have their own PL show, they need to take a necklace from the hostess and wear it themselves! Then when they book their date with me we'll open the envelope and see what their extra thank you gift will be!

    In my envelopes I currently have cards with the following on them:
    Gemini for $5.00 (cost after personal bonus - $4.00)
    Ocean Mist Bowl for $10.00 (cost after personal bonus - $2.00)
    Paragon Lamp for $25.00 (cost after personal bonus - $5.00)
    Mosaic Trio for $35.00 (cost after personal bonus - $5.00)
    On the back of each card it says: OR any one item of your choice at 50% off its regular price. Order & pay for your item now to receive it at your show, or order at your show to have it shipped at that time. **if your show does not hold within 60 days you may pay the balance of full retail or have your money refunded in full. Make sure the hostess calls you when the show  is delivered so you can pick up that person's booking gift to be delivered when her show holds.

THEN, I hold up my Garden Lantern or another $75.00 item that the hostess has on her wish list and I explain that if my hostess can give away all 4 of her leis tonight she will be able to purchase the lantern for only 95 cents! WELL the hostess gets very excited and she goes out to her friends and gets me the bookings! I've been getting 3 or more bookings at a lot of my shows -- I find that once one person takes a necklace it opens the door for others to feel comfortable to do the same SO if I have a prearranged booking, I thank her and make a big deal about it and take the lei from my hostess and personally put it around that other ladies' neck!!!!

Stealing Hearts
thanks Gina for the instructions on this also!
You need all the heart cards and all the diamond cards from a regular deck of cards.  You also need 2 or 3 small gifts.  I use 2 -- 1 is a cellophane bag with 4 diff scented tealights & PL matches the other is a cellophane bag with 2 diff scented votives, 1 in the PL votive holder and a book of matches.

To start you explain to all the guests that you want them to ask questions about your job with [company] and you want them to be as nosey as they'd like!  For each question asked, a guest will get a heart card from the deck of cards -- the more cards, the more chances they will have to win a prize afterwards!!!  There are 13 heart cards in the deck so it will mean 13 questions being asked about the opp w/ PL!!!  Explain that after all the heart cards have been handed out, you will then call out cards at random!  You will then use the diamond cards from the deck, shuffled up, pick one at random and call out loud but replace "diamond" with "heart".  So if you pick the 5 of diamonds you will say "5 of hearts".  The person with the first card called gets to pick 1 of the 2 or 3 gifts BUT you must tell her not to get too attached to it!  Then you call the next card and the person with that card gets to pick a remaining gift OR STEAL the gift from the first person!!!!!   You keep calling cards and guests keep stealing the gifts from each other until you've used all the diamond cards (all 13) then the people left holding the 2 or 3 gifts after all the cards have been called are the winners and keep the gifts!

It is an AWESOME game!!!  It is very similar to "bonus bucks" but it is more fun for the guests and they really love it!  I get a lot more sponsoring leads ever since I incorporated this game into my shows -- I sponsored 2 in September YAHOO!!!!

Another idea one of our UL's came up with is to buy the deck of cards with the "hunks" on them!!!!!   Depending on the group at your shows, these HUNK cards go over even better!!!!  LOL

At the end of the game I explain the other reason the game is called "Stealing Hearts" is because the career opportunity with [company] has stolen my heart!!!!  As corny as it may sound, it's true!  I am so happy to share this awesome opportunity with everyone I meet!

Set of 5 Envelopes for the Question & Answer part of the demo
thanks to Inademam (sorry - didn't get your real name!) for this idea!

I use the five envelopes. On each envelope I have a questions written on the outside and inside I have things that are answers.   At the beginning of the show you would hand out the envelopes to 5 guests and tell them not to open it until you ask for them to
read the question.  Have the person who reads the envelopes open them up and show everyone what is inside.

Envelope #1 says on the outside - What would a Hostess get for having a $400 show and 4 bookings.
Inside the envelope is a $100 bill, 2 off item coupons, a copy of the monthly hostess specials, and the picture of the 4
booking gifts.  (Have the person who reads this one get up and do her FREE shopping with the $100, then have her pick out her 2 off items and so on.)

Envelope #2 says on the outside - What does a Consultant make on a $400 Show?
Inside a $100 bill.

Envelope #3 says on the outside - What does a Unit Leader make in a year?
Inside - 17- $1000 bills

Envelope #4 says on the outside - What does a SRVP make in a year ?
Have a copy of that inside.

Envelope # 5 says on the outside - How much does it cost to become a [company] consultant?
Inside - You got it NOTHING!!

When you have the guests open these and show or read to everyone else - you can elaborate more on each of them.  Your show can be about 20 to 25 minutes long and you will have covered everything.  Its really neat to watch everyone's expressions too, especially when they open the UL and SRVP envelopes.

Sponsor Packets
My sponsor packets consist of a rolled-up catalog tied with a curly ribbon, a tealight, a YCHIA brochure, a box of matches, and a business card on a magnet, all wrapped up in a pretty cellophane bag & tied with curling ribbon. Makes a crinkly sound when passed around, and everyone wants one!

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