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How do you put everything in ONE BAG?

Well...to start with you don't take the entire company store with you to a show. Back to Basics....Use your starter kit! It is a proven success! Here is what I have packed in my bag - and whether I still use the box or not. I've tried to explain it as best I can without pictures....wish I still had the box that my rolling duffle came in - maybe I'll end up getting another one for some lucky sponsor & scan a picture from the box when I do!

Anyway...here's how I pack my bag.

It's a "Rolling Duffle" that I purchased from Sam's Club last summer for about $20. It is soft sided, but molded on the bottom for durability. There is a large compartment the length of the bag, a narrower (less deep) compartment under that, and two zippered "pockets" - one on the top, one the length of the bag on the side. It has a pull-out handle and wheels. It has been through the airline baggage at Washington DC, and to every show since last July. As long as you don't try to put too much in it is as durable as it needs to be!

**note: since originally writing this post, I have changed to a smaller luggage-type bag, still on wheels, around $30 at any major retail chain. Packing is very similar - I still take no more than the starter kit and about $100 worth of other various products, including a 3-wick.

In the bottom long, less deep compartment:
The base to the Paragon Lamp (long skinny box)
Windsor Sampler (in its box)
Secret Garden Ring (in its box with the Cameo Pair* included in the same box)
there's actually still quite a bit of room in this section

In the large main compartment:
1. Hurricane shade in its box
    (also in the hurricane box)
2. ICT individually wrapped in padded bags from Shirley (or you could use bubble wrap)
3. Windswept* in a padded bag from Shirley (or you could use bubble wrap)
4. Paragon Lampshade in its box
    this could be bubble wrapped to save space, but there's plenty of space &
    I like to have boxes to vary the display anyway!
5. 3x9 Pillar in its box
6. Gemini  & Tempo* in their boxes
    on top of the 3x9, which is lying on its side
7. Sea Drifters in box
8. Optic Odyssey*
    wrapped in fabric which I use in my display - no box
9. Box of votives - vanilla & ocean mist
10. Falmouth(s) - 2" & 4"
    in order to build that wonderful grouping with the Gemini, Falmouths, and 6" Flower Ring!
11. (1) of the Quilted Crystal Pair in a padded bag from Shirley
12. Petal Light* in a padded bag
13. Pineapple Jar

Across the top of all of this I have:
a set of Lapboards (2 sponsor recommending gift OR hand made from 3-ring binders - see instructions)
Hostess Special Flyer in a sheet protector with cardboard so it stands up
6 Hostess Packets (I plan to sponsor every hostess!)
Votive Organizer
Tablecloth folded across it all

And yes - it now zips closed easily!

In the top zippered compartment:
Set of 10 show folders (see directions)
Box of Pens
Aim & Flame
Chatham Snuffer

In the side zippered compartment:
4 different colored Leis, matching envelopes (here's what I put in mine)
pad of Door Prize Slips
pad of Booking Certificates
Deck of Cards (for Stealing Hearts)
Calculator, Business Cards
Set of 5 Envelopes for the Question & Answer part of the demo (here's what's in them)
I don't play every game at every show - but this way I can adapt to whatever group I have)

In my Padded Teal Candle Bag:
(3-sponsor recommending gift or you could use a tote bag - honestly - I think I could rearrange slightly and fit these items in the duffle as well, but the padded bag has the logo on it & looks wonderful to carry in!)
3-Booking Gift - Tropical Blossom 3-Wick & Holder (now Pineapple)
Calendar, Extra Catalogs
Famous Fragrance Organizer (now Indulgences)
wrapped votives, tealights, & tapers for prizes
sponsor packets (here's what's in mine)
(lots of room left in this bag)

*All starred items are now discontinued.  It is hoped that you can still visualize what goes in this rolling duffle by seeing the sizes of the discontinued pieces.

See - it can be done!

This page last updated July 06, 2005