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Regarding getting organized with door prize slips: I used to do it manually (before my computer) and it worked great!!!  Now I use a software program available through Jenny B - The Booster (1-800-5-JENNYB) called Customer Manager that cost me about $30.  It is a software designed specifically for direct sales companies to help you organize your leads!  I find it GREAT!!!!   I enter my door prize slip info into the system and just keep my door prize slips filed A-Z for reference (just in case!).  The system allows you to enter customer or hostess name, address, work & home tel #, hostess where you met them, their interest in the income opportunity w/ PL (on a scale of 1-9) and a field to enter a "call back date".   Anytime I need to make 2+2 calls I just run a search for the date and, viola, there is my list!!! There is a place to type in notes so you can always re-enter a new call back date and know what was last discussed!!!!!   I LOVE IT!   Good luck with your organizing and your PL business!!!!

I put all my DPS into a file box separated by the month. If some one is interested in a show in June  I put them into May to call and book. Even if they put a "no" I will eventually call them. No isn't always no ; sometimes it's "not now" and they'll book at a later date. Rosemary 

I have Microsoft Publisher, and on that there is a Mail Merge program, which you can customize to keep track of anything.

I ask all guests this: Instead of writing "yes" for question #1, write the word "wax" if you are interested in being placed on a mailing list for upcoming candle sales, since I do two a year. I put these on my "candle sale" mail merge list and I can add all the info...name, address, phone, email address, hostess, date, favorite item, comments, etc.

Then I have a small index card file and I file door prize slips by month. So if someone is interested in an Aug. show, I file them in June. I used to save every single door prize slip (big space eater!!). Now I only save the ones for my little card file. The DP slips I enter into my mail merge are discarded.

I use my door prize slips as a file system: (don't have time re-enter the info)
First at shows put all info you can on slips: Date of show or when to call for show personal events or info to help w/ sponsoring or mailing list requests.
Then I file them in a 4 by 6 file box( avail at staples) as follows:
SHOWS WITHIN 60 DAYS: these I put in front of planner and use for hostess coaching
SHOWS IN FUTURE: I have these filed in by month 2+2 calls to do each month
SPONSORS LEADS: of course I call these within 48 hrs if not interested just rotate and call back in future
**Always put notes on back when called and results - re-file any that need to be
MAILING LIST: I always ask guests that say no to # 3 & #5 if want to be on mailing list for sales and new catalogs When they order I put in RECENT ORDERED file and rotate again for next mailing or sale
ALL OTHERS: these I staple and put in A-Z by hostess name If their hostess books again I take slips to show and gives me info for customer service at my fingertips.
I also have categories as follows: business leads (Realestate agents , fundraisers etc); 96 hostess, 97 hostess, etc- these I put in order my show month. Most people will rebook for the same time each year.

This saves me a lot of time, I always put what people order on slip and notes w/ date when call for 2+2+2's.

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This page last updated  August 09, 2003