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ACS Raffle Instructions

ACS Raffle 2001 Entries and Totals

To enter by PayPal


Names and Totals

Raffle begun 6-12-01.  Visit this page for updates.

Click here to see this years Grand Prize!

This is a BoB ACS RAFFLE, but I (Jackie Whiteker, aka tealited) am helping Belinda with the collection and tracking of funds.  All funds and entry cards will be turned over to Belinda in July, and she in turn will deliver all checks and cash to PL at the conference.  Please read this page carefully, then If you have any further questions, you can email me or Belinda

Instructions for entering Raffle:

By Mail:
Send a 3x5 card with your name, address, phone number, unit & region and $5 for each entry in this drawing to:
6709 SW 60TH ST
This will also enable you to deduct the donation on your taxes. 

By PayPal You can send payment via and I will write up a card to enter you in the drawing.  You will be entered one time for every $5.00 you donate. Just be sure when you pay through PayPal to include the same information as if you were mailing the entry.  To do this:  In the box that says "Payment For:", put ACS, your phone#, unit and region name. That will make it much easier for all of us so you don't have to email that info to me separately.

You can enter as many times as you like - but you must print a separate card for each entry (if entering by mail) and each entry must be accompanied by $5. For example - if you want 4 chances you can send $20 and 4 - 3x5 cards with your contact info on them. They can all be in the same envelope.

NOTE: I must receive your payment by mail or PayPal by July 16th.  To enter the Grand Prize drawing after that time, you will need to do so at the actual Friday Night Fling.

THE ENTIRE $5.00 goes to ACS -

We will continue to sell raffle chances at the Friday Nite Fling at Conference, but everyone whose entry is received by mail BEFORE July 16 will also go into a SECOND drawing for a BoB Bonanza Box - filled with goodies (remember last year????) BoB Bonanza Box Surprise!

Directly From The Heart

ACS Raffle Grand Prize
The grand prize for the BoB ACS Raffle is valued at over $400 and is contributed by Directly From the Heart.

The winner will receive THREE (3) of the new binders filled with EVERY business building & motivational sticker they make, including new styles that are not yet listed in their catalog PLUS an assortment of specialized post-its & notpads/cards PLUS custom printed name labels!! Here are some preview images to whet your appetite - get those ACS $5.00 raffle entries in to Jackie ASAP!! Remember - every raffle entry that arrives in Jackie's hands before the July 16 deadline gets an ADDITIONAL entry into the BoB Bonanza Box drawing - which will have at least as high a retail value as the grand prize and will contain an assortment of products from each of the participating BoB vendors. 

The exact value on 3 binders and labels is $288.20
The value on the customized labels $120.00
The value on the post-it note and postcard assortment $37.10

The Whole Enchilada totals out at $445.30!!

heart binder
The Candle Labels are:

Ask me about a career no one can hold a candle to! (100 labels)
You have the power to light your dream (200 labels)
A Heaven-Scent Opportunity (102 labels)
Bring a friend and receive a free tealight (100 labels)
Bring a friend and receive a free votive! (100 labels)
Thank you from the Candle Lady (100 labels)
I love candles (200 labels)
I love candles & teal hearts (20 sheets - 340 labels)
From Your Candle Lady (105 labels) or From your Candle Guy (if a guy wins)
A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle (100 labels)
Need More Income? (102 hologram labels with hologram design)
Magnifi-Scent Opportunity (100 labels)
Relax With Wax (104 labels)
Let Your Holidays Burn Bright with Candlelight (100 foil labels)
3-Wick Thank You Candle (with holly) (96 labels)
3-Wick Thank You Candle (teal) (96 labels)
Never Enough Candles (104 labels)
Candles Warm Your Heart and Home (100 labels)

thousands of stickers!

Valerie's Trademark tea-light circle labels where you fill in your name and phone:

Name/Phone "A lamp lights a room, a candle lights a heart" (200 labels)
Name/Phone "You have the power to light your dream!" (200 labels)
Name/Phone "Don't be caught in the dark! Order today (100 labels) NEW DESIGN

Other New Candle Designs - not be be released until July 15, 2001:

Way to Glow (105 labels)
Don't be caught in the dark! Order today! (100 labels - large size)
You're not just buying a CANDLE, you're buying THE BEST! (100 gold foil labels)

new personalized label

and finally, Valerie's trademark triangle labels, with a new design specifically for PL.

TRIANGLE - Do You Love Candles? Earn Some Free....Ask me! (102 silver triangles printed with teal ink)

Our best selling Phone labels:

If you phone them, they will come (105 labels)
Phone Orders Welcome (100 labels)
Phone Orders and Book Shows Always Welcome (100 labels)

heart & star binders

The Business Builder Binder contains:

Star Hostess (100 teal labels)
Thank You (100 teal labels)
Heart Shaped "Thank You" (100 teal labels)
Girls Night Out (100 labels)

Valerie's Trademark

"Like a little, place an order, like a lot, book a show, like it all, become
a consultant (a total of 300 labels - 100 of each color)

You've reached the Stars - How's the View?
Be the Star that You Are!

More Trademark Triangles:

TRIANGLE - Can't Book a Show - Show a book and earn free products! (102 labels)
TRIANGLE - Ask Me About Bridal and Gift Registry (102 labels)
TRIANGLE - Like a little, place an order.... (102 labels)
TRIANGLE - Please Recycle - Pass Me On To A Friend! (102 labels)

Bring a Friend and Receive a Free Gift (100 labels)
Checkbook Low - Book a Show (102 labels)
You're a Star Hostess (100 labels)
15 to 20 Guests Insures Your Show's Success! (100 labels)
I Love what I do, you can too! red/blue (100 labels)
Heart Shaped "I Love What I Do - You Can Too"
No Order is too Big, No Order is Too Small, By phone or e-mail, I take them
all! (100 labels)
20 Guests - SUCCESS!! (105 labels)

new personalized address labels