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Banana Split PartySamantha O'Brien has graciously decide to share her Theme Book pages with all of us here on Best of the Boards! It has taken a few weeks to get the logistics going, but I have finally seen all of the pages -Beach Party


Christmas in July PartyThe original files are in Print Shop Deluxe 5.0, and are downloadable in that format if you have the program and would like to edit them to suit your own style. 


Mardi Gras Party*A note about Print Shop: It's a nice program and fairly inexpensive on its own. I happened to find that it comes bundled with Broderbund's ClickArt 300,000 Premier Image Pak, which I recently purchased at Sams for $24.95 - with a $20 rebate in the box as well. I still prefer PrintMaster as a home graphics program, but they work well together, and I may be persuaded to change that opinion the more I work with Print Shop!)


Margarita PartyHowever, if you do not have Print Shop and would like to just print off Samantha's pages (which are very universal - you'll have no problem using them to book shows!), you can download the Brunch Party Adobe Acrobat versions of each file now that I have converted them. (You will of course also need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader which is widely available for free download - see below)


Fund Raiser PartyThe original format was one to an 8-1/2" x 11" page, so you could print them directly off and stick them in page protectors in a folder or binder.  I like the portability of Creative smaller pocket folders that fit the catalog perfectly, so I converted the theme files yet another time to fit into the smaller sized folders/plastic sheet protectors that you can order directly from Heather. Taco/Nacho Building Party

 If you went to the Friday Nite Fling at conference, these small folders are the ones that we used in the Hostess Thank-You books that we gave away that night!

For the smaller style, I have them in Print Shop 5.0 format (in a half-fold greeting card template), 2 of the same theme on one page, or also as a set of front/back pages that can be printed as is, folded, and stapled into a booklet. Choose whichever format you like. There are also Adobe Acrobat files for download in this size.Naughty Nightie Party

*Important Note: My small-page styles are worded and formatted slightly different from Samantha's originals, though based entirely upon them. This in no way means there is anything wrong with the originals - only that the creative side of my 2 a.m. brain can't help but fiddle around with a great idea!

Cool Pool PartyThere are 34 themes (in other words - at least 37-40 color pages, counting the cover and contents pages) designed at this time, so you'll want to print off a sample of each of the sizes to decide which one is better for you BEFORE you start wearing out your printer and running out of ink! 

Red White & Blue Party*Another Note...(geez these manufacturers should be paying me for these free plugs!)...If you are looking for a good, basic, home color printer - also at Sams this week, the Canon BJC-4400 is now priced at $69.99 which is AWESOME. I used a Canon 4300 for two years which I purchased for $199, then replaced it only 3 months ago with my 4400, at that time for $119, and now it's down to $69. This usually means there are new models coming, but I have to really recommend these Canons for home use. At $69 I am probably even going to get a second one as a spare. You'll also get great prices on ink cartridges at Sams.

 Zip Files Contain up to 10 pages each
Download all four files to make a complete set of theme pages. 
Each zip file will unzip to separate files in the format you have selected.

Full 8-1/2"x11" version (Samantha's Originals)
Adobe Acrobat
(pdf) cover/contents

Smaller (half-size) version (Belinda's modifications)
Instructions to put together the small sized booklet::
themes are set up so that each page is printed front/back and folded individually, then assembled on top of each other. Do not try to stack all the pages in one pile and then fold, the themes will not match the order in the contents if you do this. You could also cut the pages apart and place in sheet protectors. The cover-contents page is designed to be folded in half with all the other pages inside (contents then is on the back of the booklet) if you don't want to use sheet protectors. For more details see the Cover Page
(5.0 - pdg)
(cover through page 12)
(pages 13-24)
(pages 25-36)
(no fourth file)
Adobe Acrobat
(cover through page 12)
(pages 13-24)
(pages 25-36)
(no fourth file)
Follow links listed below      
Download WinZip

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (FREE)

My thoughts for each of these expanded pages are to ask for some volunteers to help put together more specific how-to's for each party. What particular pieces might be great to take and show, special recipes, particular games, etc. If you can do this, please write it up and email it to me!

[ Samantha's Themes ] Cover Page and Instructions to Assemble ] 1. Banana Split Party ] 2. Beach Party ] 3. Black Friday Party ] 4. Brunch Party ] 5. Cash And Carry Party ] 6. Christmas in July Party ] 7. Coffee Lovers Party ] 8. Couples Party ] 9. Create Your Own Theme Party ] 10. Death By Chocolate Party ] 11. Deck-Patio Party ] 12. Fruit Salad Party ] 13. FundRaiser Party ] 14. Garden Party ] 15. Halloween Party ] 16. Hawaiian Shirt Party ] 17. International Party ] 18. Mardi Gras Party ] 19. Margarita Party ] 20. Men Only Party ] 21. Monday Night Football Party ] 22. Nacho Building Party ] 23. Naughty Nightie Party ] 24. Cool Pool Party ] 25. Red White and Blue Party ] 26. Show and Tell Party ] 27. Shower Party ] 28. Sports Theme Party ] 29. Strawberry Shortcake Party ] 30. Build Your Own Sundae Party ] 31. Tropical Drink Party ] 32. Ugly Candle Contest ] 33. White Elephant Party ] 34. Wine and Cheese Party ]

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