555 Party
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from candlepartytoo list, 5/20/99

I have worked hard this month to get that phone and I also had a few fall off my calendar --   How about trying a "555 party". 

What is a 555 party you ask? :)
Well you get on the phone and tell them that if they hold their show in:

5 days from today and have at least
5 people there you will give them a
gift certificate worth $25 for only $5. (with the stipulation of it being a qualified show).

I give them a "fake" gift certificate that I made myself.  They have to claim this product with their show so that I can make it a personal bonus.

This is going to cost you about $7.50 ($25.00 at 1/2 price is $12.50 and they pay $5.00 for it so $7.50 is left to be paid by you) BUT you will have one more show towards getting the phone!! I hope you understand how
this works -- if not e-mail me back with your questions. But as it is going today I am going to get the phone and I'm so excited! I hope you all get one too.

Shelly, UL

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