Book and Win
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A great way to get 3+ bookings at your shows. Take a wonderful piece of PL product to your shows and let everyone know that someone can win this great piece! Simply by 3 or more people booking a show! They are entered into a drawing to win. I use the door prize slips of those who book to pick the winner. There are 2 ways that you can award the gift. 1) you can send it home with them that night they book, or 2) you can tell them that you will bring it as their Thank You gift to their show. After you have 1 or 2 bookings they will work on each other to get the needed bookings so someone can win. Let them do the work for you!!!  They can talk their friends into having a show and you don't seem pushy! You can chose anything for the gift... I like to get things from the Wise Buys when they have something great. Everyone likes to get something for FREE!!! 


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