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August 5, 2001

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Domain Fund/American Cancer Society Contribution
January 2000

I'm still receiving a lot of requests for an address to send monetary contributions to help with the upkeep of Best of the Boards. I'm touched and very appreciative, but removed the address from the domain fund page many months ago because it's not necessary.

While it's true that there are costs to maintaining the site, I have chosen to absorb those costs at this point as well as to offer services to the Business Links at cost, enabling them to be the financial support behind BoB. You can show your appreciation to our suppliers by visiting their sites and letting them know how much you appreciate them supporting the site! There are some really awesome products available - stickers, cards, buttons, tablecloths, software, shirts, etc! Check them out today and order some great new business-boosting items for your 2000 PL business!

Those of you who would really like to contribute financially to the site - I would ask that you send an American Cancer Society donation to the home office address below in the name of Best of the Boards. I can think of no greater recognition than to see donations to this cause from people who have benefited in any way from the information on BoB!

Yes, I too have been directly touched by cancer - my father died of Pancreatic Cancer in November of 1981. The company's support of this outstanding research effort is one of the biggest reasons I am proud to be a small part of this great company.

The address to send contributions to can be found in any of your Reflections magazines, and for convenience I will list it here. Thank you in advance for every penny that goes toward finding a cure, so that we never again lose a family member or a Consultant, Hostess, or Customer to this dreadful disease.

Make checks payable to American Cancer Society or ACS, and mail to:

note: I have used the company name properly as an mailing address here and included the required trademark symbol. webmaster
attn: Communications Dept.
PO Box 976
Plymouth, MA  02362-0976

(January 1999 - historical note only)
When I created the Best of the Boards website in May of 1998, I could never have foreseen the incredible growth and importance as a resource that it would become in less than a year! Throughout its duration, BoB has consistently averaged 1000 - 1500 "hits" per week, ranging all the way to 5000+ "hits" in one week in March of 1999!

Although it is a labor of love to keep it current and fresh, there is no direct income derived from doing so! It doesn't buy or sell candles, it doesn't recruit sponsors, it doesn't provide income to pay the bills!

Although the site itself is a "free" site (doesn't cost anything to locate it on the internet), the downfalls of having a free site include having a LONG default internet address. The original address for BoB was www.geocities.com/Eureka/Concourse/6425 , case-sensitive (capitals and lower case are necessary) and hard to remember!

Maintenance Costs
Repeatedly I received emails wondering why the address had to be so long, couldn't we get a short, easy-to-remember address that would be easy to pass on to new sponsors and fellow consultants? Sure we could! But that part's not free! As much as I'd love to just pay for it myself, I just can't. That's where you come in!

I took a huge leap in January of 1999, and suggested to everyone on the message boards, the lists, and locally, that if you have ever used even one idea or gained inspiration from one single post here on BoB...that you send a check for $1.00 or more to help make the site more accessible to everyone. It was a huge undertaking, and made me feel very uncomfortable to even ask. You all have come through with flying colors!
Contributors Page

We raised enough for the initial domain name registration in just under 2 weeks. Incredible! Around February 1, 1999, www.bestofboards.com became a reality!

Initially, a donation to ACS was planned for the overflow of funds. However, the maintenance costs listed on the costs page have nearly equaled the donated funds. Regardless, I still plan to make a donation in the name of Best of the Boards upon arrival at National Conference. Belinda

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