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This is by far one of the most requested pages on Best of the Boards. For that reason, I've decided it's time for another BoB Contest!

Thank you for all your entries and to Tammy for her assistance in processing them for me --- it's a difficult decision --- I am printing off all the entries without names attached and will announce the winner after the "final review"

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Contest Entries

I have been having troubles getting bookings, so this is something I'm doing. I sent out this letter to 15 different past guests/hostesses and issued them a challenge. So far, I've had 4 people respond that they are going for it. I would love to get more! When January is over, I will continue with this challenge, and probably offer $25 gift certificates or something similar. Hope this works for others too!
Dawn W.

To _____________:
Have I got a great deal for you! I'm offering this challenge to only my best customers and past hostesses! It's my 2000 Votive Challenge. I have enclosed our new 2000 catalog. Take a few minutes to look through it - the new product is absolutely amazing!

If you sell 10 dozen votives to your family and friends, I will give you a 3 wick candles FREE! That's right...absolutely FREE! I'm sure you have 10 friends out there that love candles, and the quality of our candles surpasses anything else on the market today! Our wicks are lead-free ...and our votives burn 8-10 hours. They are scented and colored all the way through, so it will smell just as wonderful on the 8th hour as it does the minute you light it! All you need to do is collect the orders and payments, and turn them into me by January 27th.

Or, if you decide that there are SO many new items in our catalog that you want for yourself ...then you can get those free also. All you need to do is call me and set up a time for me to come to your home and do a demonstration. In January, if your show is $400 with one booking, you will receive $140 to spend however you wish! Doesn't that sound incredible?

Just give me a call if you plan on taking me up on the Votive Challenge. I'm only offering the free 3-wick to the first 10 people that call me to tell me they are taking me up on the challenge!! Good Luck!!

Your Candle Lady,

I have a terrific booking idea that works wonders!  After collecting the door prize slips, I casually say, "Oh, by the way, those of you who said yes or maybe to booking a show can get free shipping on your order tonight if you date your show now, tonight." This really helps get them booked and often, a guest who said "no" will change their mind to save a few dollars. I don't mind paying the guest's shipping if she books a show!

Fawn Curtis,
A great way to get 3+ bookings at your shows. Take a wonderful piece of PL product to your shows and let everyone know that someone can win this great piece! Simply by 3 or more people booking a show! They are entered into a drawing to win. I use the door prize slips of those who book to pick the winner. There are 2 ways that you can award the gift. 1) you can send it home with them that night they book, or 2) you can tell them that you will bring it as their Thank You gift to their show. After you have 1 or 2 bookings they will work on each other to get the needed bookings so someone can win. Let them do the work for you!!!  They can talk their friends into having a show and you don't seem pushy! You can chose anything for the gift... I like to get things from the Wise Buys when they have something great. Everyone likes to get something for FREE!!!

I think Belinda's contest if GREAT!!! Not so much to win the "goodies" but to learn from everyone who submits an idea!!! Here are some things I thought of:

1) "Special Coupon" - My down line (soon to be again) leader (Laurie Bryceland) came up with this! She made up a cute coupon (1/2 page in size) to include in Hostess Packets. The coupon basically reads "have 2 prearranged bookings and receive Hostess Votive Sampler OR $25 in additional retail credit! Then when going over the contents of the Hostess Packet, you coach her on how to obtain 2 bookings BEFORE her show! As you can see, all that's being advertised is our 2 Booking Gift!!!

2) Sandy Grippo, GL in the Keepers of the Light region came up with this SIMPLE but effective way to increase attendance . . . simply write "complete this list with 30+ names, receive FREE dozen votives" on the Guest List form and highlight it! It motivates hostesses to OVER INVITE and therefore, increases show attendance!!!!

As you can see, these are not my original ideas!!! I learn from the  best - that's what it's all about and that's why I can't wait to read the other entrees! Of course, if either of these ideas "wins" anything, I will be giving the gift to either Laurie (idea#1) or Sandy (idea#2).

Gina Pille, GL, Keepers of the Light, Soon to be RVP of the "Heart's Desire" Region!

My best booking tip is to stop in the middle of taking orders while everyone is still there and tally what you have in orders so far, including outside orders. Then announce to everyone at the show, "OK, so far Mary has $$$ in sales. So far she is going to receive $$$ in free product, plus ___ items at half price, etc. But if she has at least one booking within 30 days she will receive $$$ in free product!!!
Additional bookings will earn her an extra $25 each in free product. Sharing the excitement and the difference in free product with bookings as compared to no bookings makes all the difference in the world! It also gets new hostesses excited for their show because they see how easy it really is to go on a shopping spree!

Beth Graves, UL, Burning to Dream, Star Gazers Region
I've decided to have "Crash 'n Burn" parties for folks to come to relax after the hectic pace of the holidays and surviving the Y2K "bug!" I'll be giving out "crash 'n burn" packs to the hostess and door prize winner (formerly called "relax with wax" packs). They are simple ... a wrapped Hershey's chocolate, with a clear cup tealight on top, with a bath bead on top of that then wrap it all up in tulle and some curling ribbon & have a lot of fun. I might also use that as a booking idea, offering a relax with wax pack to everyone that books a show! Enjoy and may all your 2000 shows be good ones!!!

I try to set up my display focusing on the versatility of Hostess Specials by creating a grouping that can be combined and try to show at least 3 ways product can be used ...example: I added the 4" Viking to the Cordova and 3 wick, then show them how the Cordova can be elevated onto the 4" Viking. I also show the Cordova turned over as a holder. I show the Aurora elevated on the pillar holder and add in the Venice pr. I create a grouping with everything separate and then build a new idea during the demo. Gives hostesses ideas of how she can use Specials and will create desire for bookings to get specials and add on items with credit and 1/2 price items. My motto is show them at least 3 ways to use a piece so they know they are getting their moneys worth.

Dawn Adams, TL, Ohio/Galaxy of Stars
A successful booking idea I do which works every time.  There are different variations of this but this works the best for me. 

Before my show I place several envelopes under the chairs (taped under) or if it's a couch under the cushion so no one is able to see. (I used to do the Left Right game with the envelopes however I find it too hard if the group isn't in a complete circle.) 

In the envelopes I offer to take $2 to $3 off their purchase for today's show only.  If they will have a show the amount doubles!! You can do other things too by offering to take $2 or $3 off if they have a show only.  Whatever works best for you.

Once everyone takes their seats I go into introductions and then explain how having a party can be so much fun and worthwhile.  Once I have their attention I ask them to look under their seats for an surprise envelope. Once they open their envelopes they are excited and will be thinking about having a show throughout my presentation.  Works for me!!!:-)

Michelle Sneed Houston, Texas, Excitement Region, Sugar and Spice
I would say that the best booking tip I have given others is an idea called "layered bookings". This is where you think of 5 people who love you and want to see your business work for you. These are people who have probably already had 10 million shows for you! You are going to sit down with each of these 5 people and come up with THEIR "contact list"! You will help them think of FRANK (friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors and kids contacts) and they will use this list to help YOU get bookings! Each of your 5 people will ask at least 10 people each- even if the ones they ask know you do PL (like the women your mom works with for instance), MAYBE they have never actually been ASKED to do a party!

So your mom will be asking her friends at work, her hairdresser, and her neighbor of 30 years; your husband will ask his receptionist at his dentist, the women in his office and his best buddy's new girlfriend; ETC! This is a way for you to LAYER your contact list with people who probably know you do PL, but who have never been formally given the opportunity to earn free candles and product by having a party.

Jaymie Boyer
Enclose three booking coupons in each hostess packet. The coupon should state:  "BOOKING COUPON"  redeemable with (Consultants name). Call me
at xxx-xxxx prior to (hostess' name/show date) to book your own shopping

Book your show prior to (Hostess' name) show and you and the hostess split a dozen votives of your choice once your show is held.

Restrictions: your show must be held within 60 days of (hostess' name) show to qualify for this special offer.

Then when you hostess coach tell your hostess to hand these booking certificates out to three of his/her friends and that she could end up not only getting another 1 1/2 dozen votives if all the show are held within 60 days of her show, 1 within 30 days of her show.  But she could also get $75.00 in free or the three booking gift. Spice up as you wish but try to keep it simple.  This really entices hostess prior to the show and thus making it less stressful the night of the show for trying to get a booking so she gets her highest hostess credit. Good luck and feel free to contact
me if you need clarification.

Renee S. Parry, FlameOn Unit, DiNamite Region
Owner, A&R Marketing
Also Team Leader with the #1 Candle Company!
OK- this booking tip works best if you are new.
Build your contact list-- FRANK.  Call each person, and tell them that you are starting a new business, and you need there help.  Be excited, it is catchy.
Tell them how wonderful the company is, and that by helping you, they will get.......Then tell them "If you host a party for me now, I will never ask you to do it again" Most of the people on your list will do it, and the best part is, they will love the hostess program so much, you will never have to ask them again because they will ask you!! And don't forget, you can double your contact list just by asking each one of these people for a referral.
'Name That Scent' - Game (I don't think I've seen this on BoB before).

Get together a few tealights (6 - 12) and put each one individually in a small plastic container with a lid.  Number each container for easy reference.  On an index card, write the scent next to the number.  Keep this card for your own reference.

At the show, pass out index cards or paper to the guests.  Individually, pass around each container and have the guests try and name each scent.  The person with the most correct wins the prize (whatever prize you have selected).

I haven't actually tried this one yet, but I think it will work out great especially if you use some of the new scents.

'Scent'ually, Pamela Bundy
I am very shy when it comes to talking to people outside of my shows. If I like the person that serves me at somewhere I eat, I leave them a tea light, candle care card, YCHIA, and a little note  that is made up on my computer in a decorated translucent bag  The note says: " Thank you for your kindness. Your service was outstanding!

I would love to work with you. Please read over the material provided. If you are interested call me! 

Please enjoy the candle! Thank you again!"

Michelle Pratt

This one works well to help your business in sales and bookings.  It's called the 50/50 club!
Draw a chart on a piece of poster board or paper with 50 squares.  Tell everyone at your shows that when they spend $50 or more they get to write their name in a square.  (They write their name for each $50 in comp. sales.  If they spend $100 in comp. sales then they write their name in 2 times.)  When they book a show they get to write their name in 3 times.  When they hold a starter show and become a Consultant they write their name in 5 times.  Once all the squares are filled, then you cut the board apart and pick one name.  I usually do this right at the party where it fills at.  Draw one name and that person gets a $50 gift certificate.  (You then order it as a personal bonus so it only costs you $25.)  I figure this is a very powerful way to increase sales, bookings, sponsoring, etc.  If they are at say $40 in comp sales for their order, I remind them that when they spend $50 they get to pick a square.  You then increase bookings this way.  Some people are more apt to book their show that evening when they get to pick squares for the booking.  It has helped myself as well as others in my group.  I hope you will try it.

Kimberly Hunstiger

I take three hostess packets to each show and strategically place them so everyone can see them throughout my demonstration--I decorate the outside with stickers, etc. so they are very visible--Along with the packets, I have a basket done up with several candle holders, candles, matches, etc. (you can use business boosters, discontinued items, or whatever you have)..
I tell everyone at the show that when all three packets are taken tonight, the hostess will get the basket of goodies at the last booking that is held (that way I'm sure to have all three shows hold)--also inside each hostess packet, there is a surprise for the guest--(tealights, votives, coupon for 1/2 price item, etc.).
This has worked great for me--take as many hostess packets as you want bookings...I like to strive for three per show...
I make up several Gift certificates with various gifts on them.
( Ex. Doz free tealights, Doz Free Votives, $5.00 Gift Certificate, 1/2 price item, Free 3 Wick, etc. The list can go on. )
I then seal them in envelopes and ask each guest and the hostess to pick one. I tell them to hold on to the envelope and not to open it until I tell them to. Meanwhile, I go on with my demonstration. When I  tell them about hostess gifts for the month and the benefits of having a candle party, that is when I incorporate in the secret envelopes. I let them know that in addition to everything that PL offers for having a party, I also have a little something. Anyone wanting to book a party now can go ahead and open their envelope. I tell them to hang on to the certificate and I will redeem it when we close out their party. If 3 people open their envelopes and book a party, I also let the hostess open her envelope. I let her know that she will also qualify for the 3 booking gift or $50.00 in PL merchandise, plus whatever is in her envelope.
Living By the Light
Dare to Dream - Region
With Valentine's Day approaching why not hand out the following:
I have put together 125 bags that I will be passing out over the next 3 weeks.  I # 'rd all the bags 1-125 and then selected items for each number. 80 are for a 1/2 price item,  20 are for a 3-wick for $20, 15 are a dozen free t-lites, 5 are an item 60% off, and  5 are for an item 65% off.  In order to qualify for these they have to call me before I call them.  Keep a list of everyone and phone #', and the date handed out.  Be sure to follow up with EVERYONE.  I have done something similar in the past and booked approx. 30% of them.   Hope this helps get your creative juices flowing..........
Candle Hugs,
I include in my Hostess Packets a letter stating that we will be closing the party the night of their show.  It also says that they will get an extra surprise from me when they have at least $100 or more compensatable sales in outside orders by the time I arrive for their party.  Then it says, when they have at least one person who has already booked from your party, then I will give you an even bigger gift. The more bookings they have the bigger the prize. 
When I need to increase sales, I will tell them that the more outside orders they get, the bigger the prize.  But, usually I want more bookings, they sales are the easy part to get.
I tell them to call me with the names and phone numbers of the people who want to book shows.  Then I call and date the shows.  I have increased my bookings tremendously by this.  I don't tell them ahead of time what the prize is.  What I usually give is - For $100 in outside orders - a box of tealights or a six pack of votives.  When they have the orders plus the bookings, I give them 2 dozen tealights, a dozen votives, or a jar candle.  Then if they get more bookings, instead of any of the above, I have a few of the really nice business boosters on hand, I will give them one of those if they have the orders, plus the bookings! 
My hostesses are usually thrilled, and I present the gifts in front of the crowd at their show.  I remind them that in addition to these, they are receiving lots of things from the company.  i.e.  Retail credit, 1/2 price items, hostess specials and all of the booking gifts! 

Kimberly Hunstiger

I made something the other day and I was just sooooo proud of myself that I had to share it with everyone!!!
I went to Wal-Mart and bought blank (plain) window clings that you can make your own design on your computer. (am I making sense?)  Anyway, here is what I did: I wrote:     
When you run
out of candles,
 please call me!!
 Tricia Carmody
xxx-xxxx or

That's it!!!!  I put 4 across the top and 7 down!  That's 28 advertisements per sheet and 140 advertisements per package!!  I am going to pass these out to everyone at my shows!!!  Now all they have to do when they get home is peel the backing off and "cling" it to their fridge!!!   Ere go...   Fridge Clings!
I used to put a stamp on the bottom of my candle boxes, but now my name and # is right there, every time they open the fridge!!!!   If you have any questions, please contact me!!!

Tricia Carmody

I started a new game at my show and it only takes about 2 minutes to play.  I have a piece of paper in each folder that contains 12 different "people you know" categories (friends, relatives, church).  I name off one category at a time and give them approximately 10 seconds to write down as many first names under that category that they can think of, and then I go name the next category...and so on for all 12.  At the end I ask them to count up as the number of people on their list and I give a little gift to the person with the most.  Then I give a little gift to the person with the fewest (usually around 15 names).  I use that person as an example of how successful any show can be, because in just two minutes that person (along with everyone else) has already put together an invitation list.  Hope this works for you!!

Jenn Wings of Fire, Thunder Region

I have really been trying to work on a consistent phone order business so that I can have some filler sales on a monthly basis.  I am using an idea that doesn't cost me anything to offer my hostesses and customers. (After all [company] gives us so much to work with already!)

I have created a Candle Club Member Card.  The card reads as follows:

          Candle Club Member
This card allows you to purchase one
dozen votives per month (your choice
of fragrance) at 20% off retail price.
Offer good on phone orders only.
Call ********** @ ***/***/****

I simply use hostess credit to make up the difference.

I print these up on my computer and then apply a cute candle sticker to each one and have them laminated -- cost .25 cents per page.  I then mail them out with a new catalog or little note thanking them for their business and let them know that I am looking forward to working with them in the year 2000! This will also give me more contacts for my 2+2 calls.

(The Candle Member Card. They are about the size of a credit card--which makes then handy to carry. You can also put a magnet on the back and it can hang right on the refrigerator. I have done it for four days now (mailed out 10 cards) and have gotten orders for 5 dozen votives for January.  I am sooooo excited.

Anna Marie Warren, UL Sierra Lights, High Energy Region
I have a wonderful booking idea that has gotten me an average of 3 bookings at every show.  I've named it "Show = 10"
Get 15 votives (a variety of scents) and get some small blank round stickers.  On the stickers write the following numbers:  on 8 stickers write the number 10 and on 4 stickers write the number 3 and on the other 3 stickers write the number 2.  Attach the stickers to the bottom of the votives and place them in a basket or box sticker side down (of course).  At the show when you go over the door prize slip you incorporate your basket.  Go over the door prize slip as usual but when they get to question 3 about booking tell them to stop because we are going to do a little game first.  Go around the room and ask each person to pick their favorite votive out of the basket and hold onto it.  I always tell them to pick one they like because they never know, they might get to keep it.  Then I tell them that there is no trick to this and they won't have to do anything they don't want to.  I tell them to look at the bottom of their votive because they all have a  number.  If you have a 10 and you decide to book a show tonight you will get 10 tickets toward the door prize and you will also get to take your votive home with you.  If you have a 2 or 3 you have got a free ride votive and you just get that many tickets toward the door prize drawing but you have to put your votive back.  Then I explain the hostess program to give them time to think and then we go.  I ask each person what number they have and then what their decision is, based on their number.  If they have a 10 and decided not to book a show it is no problem.  They put their votive back and they still get a ticket toward the door prize, no problem!!!  I don't make anyone feel bad for not booking.  If they are not sure, I go onto the next person and give them time to think.  After I go through everyone I give the people with the 2's and 3's one more chance to book, since they didn't get a 10.  I say, anyone who got a 2 or 3 and is disappointed because they didn't get a chance to book can speak up now, book a show and get 10 more tickets toward the door prize and get their candle back to take home.  I have many people book this way.  They could end up with 12 or 13 tickets instead of just 10.  After they make their decisions I tell them we are going to finish out the door prize slip and then I will separate the tickets and draw a winner.  If there is 12 or more people there I pick two winners for the door prize.  I still collect the slips to use for information and 2 + 2 calls but I use the tickets for the drawing.  I have found also that usually the people who book win the drawing and the hostess is happy because the person who books gets thanked by winning and I have asked everyone in the room to have a show with no pressure.  We make jokes and have alot of fun with it and it is an easy way to make sure you don't exclude or prejudge anyone.  I have never found anyone to be offended by this and they understand it is just part of the show.

Hope this isn't too confusing because it really does work.  It is how I built my calendar to over 30 shows for January and I also already have over 12 for February.  It really is wonderful.  Some of the consultants in our region have been trying it and are amazed at the results.  By the way, this idea was adapted from conference training.  Love that conference!!!

Diane Knowlton Unit Leader ~ Friendly Flames
Here is my  idea that helped me to get many bookings last year.  I used a box that resembled a treasure chest (covered with fabric) or any unique box. I filled the box with many scrolls and put tiny rubber bands around them.

On the scrolls I jotted down prizes, such as tealights, votives, free shipping...the largest prize being $100 shopping spree with [company] (which would only cost me $50).  I also had a $25 and a $50 shopping spree (the $100 spree was never selected).  You can put any gifts you can think of according to what you would like to spend.  When you get up to the booking question on the door prize slip, show the chest of scrolls and tell the guests that if 3 people book tonight they can pick a scroll and whatever they pick they will get at their show.  You can personal bonus the gift and the hostess will receive it when her order comes in.  Usually when two
people volunteer for a show, they try to get someone else to be the third.

I also added something else to this (optional) - On December 29th I had an open house for all who picked from the treasure chest and selected one winner from all of their names - I made a basket of bonus buys, candles, etc. and gave that to the winner.  The basket turned out to be quite large and it made me so happy when the hostess that won shared that she did not open any gifts this holiday season.  She opened every one in the basket (I wrapped some of them), and was so appreciative.   It felt so good to make someone else happy. 

Marie Nuzzi, Enlightened Unit/Heatin It Up Region 

I have an awesome display idea that can easily incorporate into a theme party.  One day I caught my wonderfully bright two-year old son Jack playing with his "car carpet".  You know the one!  The one that has roads and buildings printed on it. Thinking that this carpet somewhat resembled the board game "Life" I got a great idea!

I take all of the tea light houses that are available and place them on the mat.  Then I borrow a few of my son's match box cars and put them on the mat to make it look more realistic. (Fire Engines next to the Fire Station...etc) I bought a Life game at the local thrift store and cut out the spinner in the middle.  I then got a HUGE piece of poster board and put the colored numbers on it with a brief explanation of what each of them represented.

1=1/2 price item
2=Free Tax & Shipping

I go through my demonstration of our wonderful tea light houses and what great gift ideas they make. I have a few "Games of Life" I have made up to play with them.  (If you want I can E-mail these to anyone who wants them!) Then I use the spinner to get bookings.  Anyone who agrees to book a party gets to spin.  When they successfully hold a show that is at least $200 and has one booking they will get either the prize they spun for or the tea light house of their choice!


I always introduce a "Special Promotion" flyer during my shows right after I have offered the hostess special.  It helps me to book the first 10 days of every month, since that seems to be the least popular days.  My promotion flyer will say ,  February "Special Promotion" , If you hold a $200 show on February 1-10, you will get the Iced Crystal Trio, valued at $30.95, for $1-$10.  For example:  Hold a show on Feb. 2nd and get the Iced Crystal Trio for only $2.00!!!

I use the personal bonus on the show summary to give away the Iced Crystal Trio. If  they held a show on the 10th, I only have to pay $5.48 for a $200+ show!  (Personal bonus =$15.48 -$10 of hostess payment=$5.48 out of my pocket)

Try it and see how it works!

Katie Smith, Heart's Desire Unit, Houston,

Another Idea I have used is the lifesaver packs. On Question #4 on Door prize slips I have given out a pack to anyone that gives me 3 or more names and Numbers as referrals. They get life saver pack because bookings are the life of my business and they are a Life Saver by helping to save my business.

Dawn Adams TL,

My plan for 2000 to increase my bookings is the faithfully carry the Booking Gifts. They are awesome this year. I am one of those who try something a few times if it does not work I stop and move on. I plan to carry ALL 3 Booking Gifts thru the 1st quarter before I try something new. So far the response if amazing for the 4 Booking Gift. I challenge all of you to try it with me.

Tammy Anderson, Going for the Gold Unit/Land of Ah's Region

I was really stumped for ideas so I got to thinking. Valentine's Day is coming up, so I thought that I would use that to get some bookings. First I went out and bought some little valentine gift bags. Then I put either a votive or a tealight in the bag along with a sample picture from the catalog. I also included a little note giving my name and phone number. Then I took them and passed them out in my neighborhood. I let everyone know that this was just a sample of the wonderful things that they could receive by booking a show. I have already received a few calls with questions. Looks like it might be working.

Lani Johnson,
As the guests are arriving and getting to know each other pass out a Do
You Pamper sheet (see attachment).  When it is time to get started get to
know your guests by going over the questions.  This can lead to discussion of
why you chose [company] and sponsoring and hostess benefits as you conclude.
The person with the lowest score - 0 - gets a gift of a floater, bath bead,
inspiration message or other "nicety."  You will have a lot of fun
getting to know your guests! (We are contacting this sender for more information)
I have a idea that goes over very well at my shows and I would like to share. I have  cards I did on the computer and I have my name a phone number on one side and on the other I have a sticker telephone that says call me! At each show I tell the guests that if they order votives, tealights, etc (candles only) that I will punch their card and when they get ten punches they can get a free box of votives or tealights whatever they ordered the most of. But they can only get their cards punched by me not another consultant. I have a  spot in my calendar book I write their names and how many punches they have, and when I get calls over the phone I don't have to look for their names. What I use is a paper punch, and it works great for me.

Jane  (Wings of Fire)

I look at all the entries and think, how are they going to choose one
idea to be 1st place when all of them work and are good.

My show is a very interactive one and a lot of things work for me.  One
thing that I especially work with is the guest reminder list.  I work that and
have found that to be a great booking tool!  Of course it is a PL tool, so why
shouldn't it work! The next day I begin to call back people who could not come and who I didn't get a good chance to talk to the night before.  I introduce myself and
tell them I just did so and so's show, we were sorry they couldn't come and
have they every heard of [company]?  Depending on that answer, my dialog goes
from there and my goal and expectation is to get as many orders and bookings I
can for my hostess.  I have been working this list for many years and it
works great.  I will never run out of people to call for a show.


On Jan. 7th, I had my first show over $400 (Hostess name - Christie). I started consulting in November. Last night at a show, I had a list of the products that Christie received from her hostess credit, hostess specials and half price items. Christie's hostess credit was $156.10, plus she received both $10.00 hostess specials and 2 half price items. I wrote down name of the items she received and what pages they were on in the catalog. I went over the list while the guests turned to each page and viewed what Christie ordered. It turned out that with her hostess credit and the regular prices of the $10.00 hostess specials, plus her half-price items, she received approximately $300 worth of merchandise for about $40! My guests were really impressed with this. There were only 3 people besides the hostess at the party and I got two bookings plus $250 worth of sales. Two of the people ordered the Soliloquy which was one of the items Christie ordered. I really believe that seeing the amount of merchandise she received along with exactly what she ordered was a plus vs. just rattling off the numbers.

Cristy Smith, Heaven Scent, Texas T-Lights Too Hot! Region,
I put a $100 bill (fake) in my planner for every show I have booked.  For instance, I use a weekly planner so if I have three shows up that week I have 3 - $100 bills in my calendar.  I clip them on the side and am then reminded every time I open my calendar, for calls or at shows, how much $$ I will be making.  It is a great visual motivator for me.

It also works well as a conversation starter when hostesses, guests or anyone else sees all the $$$ in my calendar and asks - "What is that for?"  Then I get to tell them. Great sponsoring tool. I also remind guests who inquire, that the hostesses of those parties I have booked will be earning hundreds of dollars of free product. Works great!!
Anita Bach,

I hope that it is not to late to enter the contest, but I have had
such great success lately that I just wanted to share.  I play Stealing
Hearts at every show (until it doesn't work for me anymore I will
continue to do it) and then I use the Jim Lipsky power statement (it
works) my demonstration is short and sweet.
Immediately after a 10 or 15 minute demo (BEFORE THEY GET CATALOGS) I do
the door prize slip and say,
 "I have a couple of door prizes to give away and in order to enter the drawing you must have every question filled out, so let's go over them together".  (I don't pass out catalogs until we are finished with the door prize slip)  After they have finished all their questions they hand me their slip and I hand them a catalog.  The reason is once they get their catalog you have lost their attention and they are focused on the catalog which is what you want.
At question #3 I say, "It is so simple to host your own [company] show and I will do everything to make it as simple for you as possible because I realize how busy you are and after all it's my job to make it easier for you."  You are more than welcome to host it at my home, so you don't even have to clean your house I'll clean mine, or you and your friends might feel more comfortable at let's say, Round Table Pizza (here in Elko, Nevada our Round Table Pizza has a party room and they don't charge).  Make it as inviting and simple as possible.
Then I do an individual close with each and every person, one on one in a separate room from the other guests and that gives me the opportunity to listen to their objections for having a show.  I  tell them all they have to do is get me a list of names and address, put together some refreshments and I'll do the rest, it's very simple.  Plus this time also gives me the opportunity to talk to them about the opportunity.  THIS ONE ON ONE TIME HAS BEEN VERY SUCCESSFUL FOR ME AND I FEEL IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.
At the end I also give them my

        1 CUP OF [company]                    2 CUPS OF GOAL SETTING
    Mix all ingredients thoroughly, adding a Dash of Humor and a Dollop of Common Sense.  Blend with 2 cups of Unexpected Kindness for the time of your life!
Jessica James, Consultant
I have cards printed up on my computer and everyone gets one of these cards along with a candle care card to take home.
At my last show on Thursday night, I booked three shows (two of which are Starter Shows), plus the Hostess turned her show into a Starter Show as well.  Three new consultants at one show.  It was awesome!
Jessica James, TL (Soon to be Unit Leader), Nevada Lites Unit, Rainbow Region

I thought of extending the $10 3-Wick to any Hostess who would still book before the end of the month (we have until Feb 8th to get any show of January to home office.)

I am also using this on those bookings I already have on my calendar as part of my hostess coaching. I offer them two challenges:  have one booking before I arrive to do show and/or $100 in paid o/s orders before I arrive to do Show one or both met challenges, and "I'll give you the 3-Wick and Cordova for $10 just as I did for my Hostesses of 1/1-10!!!"

Since I have already made bonus this month (YEAH!), I feel the extras they'll be doing to help their show be a success is worth the out of pocket expense to me, because it is helping me either get bookings or make bigger checks before the hostess even has her show!

J. Luisi, Nightlighters Unit, Night Moves Region,


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