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March 26
Last Minute Open House Flyer
Here's my color flyer for my anniversary Open House that I am holding this Sunday afternoon. Sorry  I didn't think to post it sooner....but maybe some of the ideas will still be helpful to you! (It's in Adobe Acrobat format)

Belinda's Open House Flyer

March 19
Comfort Zone
Why Go To Conference?

March 16
Downloadable Files

Here is a recap of the downloadable files that I have available per request. If you don't have the necessary program listed by them to open them, sorry - I don't have another option for you other than you sending me an SASE requesting specific copies. I will be happy to do that if you like - just do me a favor & send an extra loose stamp to help compensate for the color printing. Why can't I just send them out when requested? I'd love to, but sorry - I'm just not making the big bucks yet! But I'll happily share if you'll share too! Thanks for understanding!  

PL $100 Bill
Click on the thumbnail for a larger and printable view

Christy had the right idea by placing this image on her page with the instructions to right-click and choose save-as to save it to your computer.

I took it a step further by reducing the size of the image so that when you try to print it you don't get several pages worth!

The same image is downloadable as a Word doc or an Acrobat pdf - 3 to a page ready to copy.


March 13
Our Newest "Executive Editor"

hmmm ... "Executive Editors"... could this be a hint of things to come? You'll have to click on the link above to find out who this is. It may call for a box of hankies...it will

Calling all future Executive Editors-to-be...I asked for volunteers a couple of weeks ago via the survey, and received a lot of favorable feedback. This is just getting underway, so don't worry if you know you volunteered but haven't yet been contacted by me. If you did not respond to the survey, here's another shot at it. Or in lieu of the survey, email me directly if you have an interest in helping with this website that has become such a valuable resource to many!

March 12
New Supplier on Business Links
MaryAmalia Designs is a new page on Business Links today. Polly creates hand-made jewelry - pins, charms, etc - of sterling silver, 10, & 14 carat gold. She has sold over 1000 of the Candle Pin Design since conference 1998! The designs are beautiful, and she has promised more are on their way. Take a look at her new page today, and be sure to tell her how you found it if you email her to order!

March 9
The Best of Hank

Yup. All the way back to Two Dogs, A Frog, and a Starter Show...the best of our own inspirational Hank...I warned him long ago I was going to create a page just for him...Here it is!

Let's Get Rolling

Good game for use as a booking tool at your shows...thanks Llombars (didn't get your name, sorry!)


March 8 & 1/2...(ok I think I'm done for tonight!)
Quickie & Crafty Ideas

Got on a roll tonight...actually it was a necessity...my email mountain has become unmanageable...had to start cleaning it out. In the process, I came across some oldies but goodies...many of you are new to the site & to the lists and may never have seen some of these ideas. So...onto the BoB site, out of my email program! As always...click on the link above...


 March 8
$1000 Door Prize Slip

Lynn Carr contributed a wonderful alternate door prize slip method to the candleleader list this weekend. It's awesome! I promised to get it posted here on BoB...I also threw together a possible $1000 template to download for either Word or Adobe, or a single gif file to save. It's not wonderful, but it might work while you are looking for the $1000 memo pads that are suggested by Lynn. The Word & Adobe files have 3 bills to a regular 8 1/2 x 11 size page (cut it in thirds). I'm sticking it in the front pocket of my show folders...very eye catching! Click on the link above to get to the full descriptions.

Challenge yourself to get 100 No's
Put a new twist on your 2+2 calls...with this innovative idea contributed by an Avon Rep, Tina Forry.

A Thank You Book
Here's a great idea to build a Thank You Book for hostesses. It's contributed by a GL, Mary Beth, and added to BoB upon suggestion from another leader on the Candleleader List.


 March 5
Mary Mall & Patty PL Game! (from the AOL board)

This is going to be right up there with Stealing Hearts as a favorite! Thanks for posting it to the aol board for all to use!

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Several people have emailed me for further instructions on downloading the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view flyers & documents that way. It is available at the Adobe website, but here's a direct link:

or the long address if you feel like typing it in:
or another download source:

After you download & install the Reader...here's a couple of flyers to download & try it out with! Why bother with the Reader software? Because you will find .pdf files all over the web. It's a great way to view & print forms, flyers, etc. If you have the full Adobe Acrobat program, you are able to create pdf files from Word, Excel, Works, any document you create on your PC. You use it just like a print option, saving as pdf instead of doc, xls, wks, etc. Pdf files use compression very well, so the file sizes are very small, while preserving the exact look, color, & feel of the original document. That's what makes this file format so valuable for internet file sharing.

Do I work for Adobe? NO! But I love their products, and have invested in the full Acrobat program (a year ago in fact). It's not cheap, but I have

Christy's April Flyer Not currently uploaded
Suggested Flyer for Jar Fund Raiser (Belinda's)


March 1
FREE Conference Buttons from A&R Marketing!

Hi all!  Here is the info again on the AOL buttons for conference.  Renee will be processing these until 15 June 1999.  What you need to do is this: 

1.  Send me (Renee)  a 55 cent SASE with your name, screenname, city and state you are from enclosed as well.  Add .10 to postage for each additional button. 
2.  You can choose to send a donation to defray costs, but it is NOT necessary. 
3.  Send that 55 cent SASE and information to me at A&R Marketing and Wholesaling, PO Box 13051, Offutt AFB, NE  68113-0051. 
4.  I receive it, make it, and send it...and then we can all identify each other at conference. 

Hope this helps curb the questions on how to get your conference AOL button.  I am enjoying making these and I look forward to meeting all of you at conference.  Renee 

For more available buttons & business tools, see the webpage for A&R Marketing & Wholesaling, otherwise known as FlameNGlos@aol.com ! They also have candlelighters at a great price for quantity purchases! Order with your unit to have on hand for hostess gifts, incentives, whatever!

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