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Mary Beth, I love your idea about the "Thank You" book!!  You really need to put this on the BOB.  I'm going to try it next week! Susan, UL, Share The Light it is!

From: MaryBeth


I have received a lot of response since I mentioned the "Thank You" book. I hope this clarifies it for everyone..

I use this book at every show it is a small photo album (so it is very easy to take anywhere, and fits in brief case.)  IN this album on the first page I have a letter that says "pick any (1) (and they will want more) thank you gift for a $200.00 show with 1 booking ( you can adjust this to fit your needs. If you need more bookings make it 3 or 4 if you are looking for higher sales make it a 300 or 400 show) this is your business.

In the book I have the higher ticketed items. The Seville & 3 wick, a $156 value for $70.00 is the most popular offer. You must carry it, they only love it when they see it, it also justifies the price! I explain what a deal it is when the 3 wick alone is 36.95. they all oooohhh and ahhhhhh. I talk about this when I go over the hostess program. I tell them this is exclusively from me because the company takes care of the rest with no investment to me. This is my way of saying thank you from me.

I then give the hostess the book first and tell her to have fun shopping. I do make a big deal out of it, and so does she. Of course everyone wants to see what all is in there. I try to cut my pictures out of the old books because it does show the product in a different way. I do show a few smaller items just in case there is someone who only wants to put 5 or 10 dollars in a gift. If you use the photo album I put the pictures on colored index cards they are easy to add & remove if something is on B/O, STOP SELL, or Retired. I also learned to use a nice PENCIL that way you don't have to rewrite and paste every year the prices change.

They only receive their gift when we close the show and they have met my guidelines, including the booked shows must be held within 60 days to qualify...  (good idea to write them on the first page to save you from them saying they were never told) I then order it to come in on their show. I hope this helps you all out.  I never put more than 10 dollars into a show, but I make sure I am making money first. The extra nice thing about it is when someone sees it they say "My consultant helped me get that really cheap!" A little pat on the back!! I hope this all makes sense. 

Take care have fun shopping for your book and getting the glue and scissors out ( the kids loved helping with this one) Let me know if you guys like it or what you think. Thanks a bunch for letting me share this with you all........

MaryBeth Seybold GL,  Ascenting Angels Unit, UP UP and AWAY

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