Hostess Coaching Checklist
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This awesome checklist from Christine Mackey - Happy Days Region - and yes - I can vouch - she is "Always Smiling" as her message board name proclaims!

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Hostess Name ______________________ Show Date ______________________
Address ______________________ Booked From ______________________
City, State, Zip ______________________ Date Booked ______________________
Email Address ______________________ Show # ______________________
Phone # ______________________ Total Sales ______________________
Buying Guests __________ Bookings __________ Date Mailed to HO __________
  Date show, review Hostess brochure, pre- show order form, 1 catalog, invitation list, and due date.
  Within 48 hours of booking the show, mail “Thank you for booking” postcard with a watching for your guest list sticker. (or any type of thank you note or email reminding them of guest list due date.)
  If you do not receive the guest list back by your due date, you should make a friendly reminder call to see if the hostess has been working on it.
  When you receive the guest list back in five days, call the Hostess to let her know you received her list and send out an extra set of books. You will also want to go over the Hostess packet. Specifically have her been working on $100 in outside orders and a booking.
  Mail invitations and the Hostess letter with a copy of her guest list out 10-12 days before the show.
  One week before the show, mail out the “Thank you for making your show a success” postcard. (OR send an email reminding hostess to call her guests a few days before her show.
  Call your Hostess 3 days before her show to get directions, ask if she has made reminder calls, and get an approximate head count. If she has not made reminder calls yet, encourage her to do so.
  Hold show.
  Send a “thank you” note within 48 hours of closing her show.
  Check the Pillar hotline (by phone or internet) to see when the product has been shipped. Call the Hostess to let her know it’s on it’s way and around when she should receive it.
  Call the Hostess 5-7 days after you know she has received her product to make sure everything was received in good condition.

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