Realtor Details - Erin Higgins Version
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Suggestions for Realtor Letter Details 
This contribution by Erin 1/19/2001 (BoB Message Board)

Please allow 7-10 business days for product
(*Holiday season may take a few days longer*)

Minimum of $100 in product required
(Shipping and tax excluded)

Free gift wrapping and delivery to your office

Open house product set up free of charge
Jars and candles for burning purposes are available in the 2001 catalog
(Please give notice if possible to order jars)

Discounts are available when ordering amounts listed below:

200.00 to 399.00 = 20% off
400.00 to 599.00 = 25% off
600.00 to 899.00 = 27% off
900.00 and up = 28% off

*A hostess program is available to allow a larger savings for shows $200.00 or more.
Opportunities are also available for becoming an independent consultant.

*Both pamphlets are included in your realtor kit.

Looking forward to sharing my business with you and hopefully helping make your business a little brighter,


Phone #:


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