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I can't tell you how many home shows I've hosted and received no thank you note from the consultant at all. I was very surprised. It's a simple thing but it's big customer service. Be sure to send your hostesses thank you notes (handwritten or not); they really do appreciate it. Peggy Mohler, Pzaz Region

This is what I write in my thank you notes.

Dear ____________,

Thank you for having a candle party. You did a great job!
Your order should arrive in 2-3 weeks; I'll call you when it's been
shipped. When you get it, please check it carefully to make sure it all
arrived safely, then call me to let me know.
Enclosed are some gold stickers and copies of all the receipts so you
can separate the orders. If you would put a sticker on each box of candles
(even your own), I'd really appreciate it.
As a hostess, you'll receive $_______ in PL product, on which you saved
_____%! And, after ________, ________, _________ and _________ have their
parties, you'll get an extra $_______ to spend or you can get the (booking
gift). Way to go!
It's been a pleasure working with you on your party. Please let me know
when you're ready to earn more than just free candles from PL!

Thanks again,

The gold stickers I refer to say "STAY IN THE LIGHT -- CALL ME FOR 10% OFF YOUR PHONE ORDER!...My name and number...THANKS!" I got them at for a reasonable price. Of course you tailor the part about the bookings to the individual situation. If there was only one booking I just tell her how much she saved and say "Way to go!"

And in case anyone is wondering, I handwrite my thank you notes. It seems so much more personal than something that looks like a form letter generated by a computer. Granted, this is a form letter, but it feels better handwritten. It just takes a few minutes. But that's really a personal preference thing. If you have nothing to enclose with your note, you can send a postcard. It will cost you less in postage.

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