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"I've set an Open House for the 1st of December, to sell off as much of my stock as possible. I have mostly product though. I will be having a raffle, and a door prize, and also serving coffee. How would you display the product?

I would have a list ready ahead of time (a couple) and just display a few holiday items - if you have them. That might increase holiday sales as well (not from your inventory). I only burn tealights in most holders (except for ICT) - so that no wax gets spilled. Make sure to have all your holders cleaned and ready to go. Maybe offer some gift wrapping as well, if you the supplies. Show groupings, just like you would do a regular home show display. Good luck! JasaVA

I am also making up a bunch of the #1 teacher crayon pillars, plus a few gift bags with jar candle, christmas mug, cocoa mix, candies...some relax with wax packets... votive roses to raise money for the local "family in need" drive. I have PLENTY of product I am selling at great discounts (have already made about $200 from those who INSIST on previewing), plus boxes of tealights and votives. Someone in another post puts out a bowl of votives, so guests can pick and pack their own--that sounds like a great idea! Tina M

I will be doing a raffle for the Angel of Light and gold tapers for those who rsvp/bring a friend/ book a party/spend $25 ticket raffle that is on each invitation. Tina M

I am sitting here tonight getting goodie bags ready- CCTC and tealight and reminder postcard of things happening that day- Kara Cabreana1371


Place your name in drawing just for attending?
Pick up your catalogs and folders
Remember to fill out gray DPS for drawings held every 15 minutes?
Please ensure you collect all raffle tickets you earned - you may win the snowglobe!
Earn additional chance by participating in Scavenger hunt--
Remember this is our party to you- Enjoy and thanks for being part of our lives

They are earning raffle tickets towards grand prize of snowglobe
earn by:

Rsvp- 1 ticket
attending the show= 1 ticket
Bring a guest= 5 tickets each
Bring paid outside order to show= 5 tickets
For every $30 ordered= 1 ticket
Book your own show for January= 20 tickets

Add a silent auction, selling tickets that people write their name on and deposit in a box next to the item they would like to "win". The more tickets they buy, the more chances they have to win. If a person buys 5 tickets, they can decide to put all five tickets beside one item or spread them out 1 ticket for each gift, etc. Then the tickets in each box are mixed up and a ticket is drawn and the prize is awarded to the winner. candlegrammy

Keep it simple with snacks and set up if you have enough items cash and carry usually goes well. During the time you have no guests you can call customers to see if they need to reorder and boost sales that way. If you plan it after your regional and have a copy of the new book - advertise that they can be the first to see the items. If you do not have a book you can still offer sneak peak with the items shown in the hostess
special flyers and back of reflections. Goal Getter

Have at least 20 boxes of votives for cash and carry. Price them for $5.45 a box. Have 5 or 6 jar candles pumpkin spice, apple strudel and carrot cake went fast. I displayed my new 2002 house, got 4 bookings! I also had a couple santa globes for cash and carry, they also went quick! 2timein

MAKE A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT! Keep the party in PL!! Tell everyone that if they only go to one candle party this year - this is the one! Keep in mind that you can offer a little more to the guests (prizes, etc) because you don't have to give 25% to the hostess. Use it to your benefit. Beg everyone close to you to be there and bring friends. Make sure you have a full house. You want to have lots and lots of people there to match the
hype that you make about this 'huge party'. tbsprincess

PICK A HOT ITEM AND RAFFLE IT: I used the auroraglow (the everyone-loves-but-no one-wants-to-buy candle) & toy soldier hostess specials, and the snowbell tealight holder - but you can choose whatever you want. just make it something really good. When you tell people about the party, just tell them what pieces you will be raffling - no details. Believe me! They will want to come just for the free stuff! At the party, tell
your guests that if they spend $XX, they will automatically be entered into the raffle. My rules were spend $100 or book a party. This made sure that i made enough off the order(s) to cover my cost of the raffled items. 36% of my guests got tickets for this raffle! tbsprincess

POP A BALLOON: Tell people (or make up signs) that for every $XX order, they get to pop a balloon and win a prize (i figured my average order is about $50, and I wanted to increase that. So $60 got to pop a balloon - but use your own $ amt). I got helium balloons at the party store and put little prize tags inside the balloons. Most of them were small (tealights, votives, etc) but a few of them need to be things that people really want. I went to staples and bought the print-your-own-iron-on transfers. I made I LOVE CANDLES t-shirts for a cost of about $3 per shirt. I also made up the print-your-own magnets - cost about $.50 each. Everyone wanted these. and everyone wanted a balloon. 87% of my guests popped a balloon and my average sale was boosted about $17 per order!! tbsprincess

SELL RAFFLE TICKETS: I sell mine for $5 for 10 tickets. The money goes into the 'pot' and whoever has the winning ticket, gets the money in shopping credit that day. (so if you sell $50 in tickets, the winner gets a $50 shopping spree). Sometimes I do this at my parties too. Generally, eveyone buys the tickets. $5 a head adds up fast! At my open house, I split the pot between 2 winners and sold $75 in tickets. tbsprincess

Parties at my house are always co-ed. Generally, the men are hesitant about coming, so I tell them that all the guys hang out together and drink beer with my husband. This usually gets them there. When the woman places her order and leaves off the one or two items off that she 'just can't afford right now', Tell her man that she really wants XXX and ask him if he wants to get her a gift she really wants!

I have 2 very close friends who are experienced hostesses and know a lot about pl. It was a great help to have someone there to answer questions, etc while I was busy taking orders. And last but not least - have fun!!! tbsprincess

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